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Danish Hotel Chain Doubles Room Capacity from 870 to 1700

The calendar now shows 2019 and another year has passed. For Zleep Hotels, 2018 has been a year of preparation getting ready for the massive company growth in the years to come. The Danish hotel chain expects to double the business in just two years, and this is simply based on the new projects that have already been confirmed.

Continued growth

In total, six hotel projects have been confirmed to open in the next two years. The first two will open in January 2019 when Zleep Hotels returns to Aalborg and for the first time enters the Swedish market in Upplands Väsby, Stockholm. The Danish hotel chain has seen great growth in recent years, but it is now that the chain will expand significantly. Many investors keep showing interest, and larger pension funds has already entrusted Zleep Hotels with new hotel projects including ATP Ejendomme in Ørestad (Copenhagen), Pension Danmark in Skejby (Aarhus) and PFA Ejendomme in Hillerød. While the hotel chain today accounts 870 rooms, the upcoming projects are expected to double the number of rooms to an even 1700 by 2020.

A year of preparation

The entire organization has been upgraded, making sure Zleep Hotels is prepared for the future development. In particular two parts of the organization now has higher and better competences suitable for future challenges. First of all, the sales department now includes Director of Sales, Lisbeth Simonsen, and three Sales Managers in Denmark, all of whom proactively offer companies favorable company agreements with the entire hotel chain.

In addition to sales, it is mainly the operating team that has been upgraded in 2018. This has been done in consideration of the new hotels that are planned to open but also to align and increase the quality level of the existing hotels. Per Denker Sørensen, COO in Zleep Hotels, comments:

“Today we can operate in a completely different way than in the beginning of 2018. We have upgraded, and we have secured stronger procedures making us ready for 2019 and the many new projects to come”.

An attractive place to work

Although the industry and the demand for labor is growing, Zleep Hotels has not experienced any problems when it comes to hiring. According to Zleep itself, it is the strong employer brand and the company’s efficient business model, requiring fewer resources as it focuses only on hotel operations, that are causing the hotel chains success.

Investments in business development

In addition to increased growth, organizational upgrades and the increasing attention, 2018 has also offered a number of new, exciting investments for the hotel chain. Important functions are insourced, new collaboration agreements have arisen and effective digitization options are implemented:

  • A cooperation between the green city car concept DriveNow and Zleep Hotel Copenhagen Airport has made it possible for hotel guests to drive back and forth between the airport and the hotel. The cars are similarly used by hotel visitors who want to experience Copenhagen from the car window. The cars’ fixed low price, the flexibility of being able to drive whenever needed and the environmentally friendly aspect have proved to be a great investment success. Zleep hopes to get more charging stations and DriveNow cars in several other hotels in the future.
  • The same goes for the hotel chain’s investment in digital check in terminals that allow the guests to check themselves in and thus avoid standing in line in the reception. This allows the hotels’ hosts to focus exclusively on providing a good service rather than standing behind the computer screen all day.
  • In August, Zleep Hotel Copenhagen City opened the doors to a new café in collaboration with the Dutch café concept, Kaldi. The café is a continuation of the hotel’s lounge area, offering both hotel guests and people dropping in from the street, tasty quality coffee and a delicious breakfast buffet.
  • Last but not least, Zleep has chosen to insource and to take over an important core function. In order to gain full control over the entire guest experience, the chain will itself be responsible for all cleaning and housekeeping activities at the hotels. It is hereby predicted that the organization will achieve considerable savings in the years to come.
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