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Danish Hotel Chain Fights for the Environment

It has only been three weeks since the Danish hotel chain, Zleep Hotels, launched its new environmentally friendly drinking bottle, and now the hotel chain is once again ready to fight against plastic pollution. This time, however, the solution cannot be found in sugar cane and bamboo, which the biodegradable drinking bottles are produced from, but instead in strong thigh muscles, good physical strength and tightly laced running shoes.
How can strong thigh muscles save the environment?

The charity organization Ocean Run has the answer. For the second year running, Ocean Run is organizing a charity race in Copenhagen for the benefit of the environment, and yet again Zleep Hotels has chosen to support the race. For every kilometer that someone runs, the environmentally conscious hotel chain contributes with 1 Danish krone supporting the good case. The entire profit from the race goes directly to the international environmental organization Plastic Change.

“We are extremely proud to be sponsoring Ocean Run for the second consecutive year. The environment requires our constant focus if we want to limit the pollution and I know the entrepreneurs behind Ocean Run agree on that. In addition to the fact that many Zleep employees will be running, we contribute with 1 Danish krone for every kilometer that someone runs. Hopefully, in this way we can collect a lot of money to combat the plastic pollution of our oceans,” says Peter Haaber, CEO of Zleep Hotels.
Every kilometer counts

The race takes place on May 4th at Amager Strandpark in Copenhagen. Everyone who either walks or runs the 2-kilometer-long route helps to raise money. The number of laps is optional. The person who, when the day has ended, has run the longest number of kilometers, also wins a weekend stay for two at any Zleep hotel. The support for the race is great, and the organizers are delighted:

“I think Ocean Run has become such a great success because the race combines two things that are close to many people’s hearts. Health and environment. Being able to challenge one’s body physically and at the same time raising money for an environmentally friendly charity like Plastic Change is appealing to many,” says Katarina Nordström, who is one of the entrepreneurs behind Ocean Run.

Last year’s winner ran nothing short but 21 laps with a total distance of 42 kilometers.

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