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Cross-Border Cooperation Congress

Cross-Border Cooperation Congress to Take Place in Lublin

Lublin, Poland, is gearing up to host the 12th edition of the CROSS-BORDER COOPERATION CONGRESS LUBLIN 2023 from October 9th to 11th. This prestigious event serves as a vital meeting point for professionals engaged in cross-border cooperation from both the European Union and the Eastern Partnership countries. It provides a dynamic platform for dialogue and collaboration, bringing together representatives from local governments, non-governmental organizations, academia, culture, and the business world. With participants hailing from over 40 countries, this Congress has become a globally recognized forum for fostering international partnerships and addressing critical issues.

Fostering Dialogue and Collaboration

The Cross-Border Cooperation Congress has a rich history of facilitating meaningful exchanges and fostering cooperation among diverse stakeholders. As part of this year’s agenda, the organizers extend a special invitation to young people and youth leaders from across Europe. They are encouraged to participate in discussions about the needs and aspirations of youth and the vital role that local governments play in shaping and promoting these aspirations. The Congress also aims to shed light on the challenges arising from Russia’s unprecedented attack on independent Ukraine, fostering a deeper understanding of the complex geopolitical landscape.

Empowering Youth for Local Engagement

Under the banner of the “Youth for the City, City for the Youth – projects and initiatives to engage and act in local communities” initiative, young participants from Poland, Norway, Ukraine, and Belarus will have a dedicated space for candid discussions, engaging panels, and interactive workshops. The Congress will facilitate study visits to various youth spaces and the renowned Community Centre “Baobab,” providing unique insights into community engagement practices.

Shaping Youth Policies and Beyond

Key themes of discussion during the Congress include the formulation of youth policies with active youth participation, defining strategic goals for working with and for young people, understanding the implications of migration, and recognizing the essential role of youth in intercultural dialogue and the fight against discrimination. These deliberations are expected to yield valuable insights and actionable strategies for the future.

Exploring Opportunities and Grants

To further enrich the Congress experience, participants can explore various opportunities, including study visits and a Grants’ Fair. The fair will offer comprehensive insights into grant competitions conducted by FRSE (the Foundation for the Development of the Education System) and the International Visegrad Fund.

A Blend of Culture and Knowledge

As tradition dictates, the Congress will be accompanied by a vibrant cultural program that showcases the rich cultural heritage of Lublin. Attendees can immerse themselves in the local arts scene, adding a touch of creativity to their Congress experience.

The registration for the CROSS-BORDER COOPERATION CONGRESS LUBLIN 2023 is entirely free of charge. To learn more about this event and secure your spot, please visit the Congress website at kongres.lublin.eu/en. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to connect, collaborate, and contribute to the future of cross-border cooperation. Register now and be part of this influential gathering in the heart of Lublin!

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