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Connect2Italy, New B2B Platform Launched

From an idea of ​​MANCINIWORLDWIDE, Connect2Italy www.connect2italy.com born 1st July 2020, a tool of great utility and easy usability, a new form of contact between professionals in the tourism sector.

On the one hand, foreign Tour Operators who habitually buy Italy and who are always looking for new solutions and on the other, Italian tourism realities, with the possibility to get in touch with them directly, without having to attend international fairs or invest in building a network or having foreign commercial.

“After Expo Milano 2015, we dedicated ourselves to the promotion in the world of Italian excellence, in the tourism sector, in the hospitality industry and in the search for that experiential value, representing Italy and its excellences in the major international fairs and at promotional tables and evenings organized by our Italian Embassies in the world. From these numerous requests for applications, we have created this online platform where there are no intermediation costs “says Alessandro Mancini, CEO and creator of Connect2Italy.

Connect2Italy is powered by ManciniWorldwide that is costantly busy in promoting the beauties of Italy and its excellences. Engaging the best tour operators of the world in promoting and selling Italy.

With C2I Connect2Italy international buyers can have available Italian local excellences and unique experiences, an online B2B club. Aimed at 2 types of professionals: selected global operators – heritage of our network – with the aim of bringing together, through synergies, international buyers who can contact Italian tourism service providers (unique locations, high-level transfers, unconventional experiences, etc.). Benefiting from the worldwide institutional relationships created in almost twenty years of tourism and creating a new opportunity among professionals in the tourism sector.

The platform is online and each operator has the opportunity to directly contact the various connected operators around the world and to stay in touch with them immediately, through a selection of features and needs (e.g. experiences, MICE and corporate, Castles and residences for weddings, unique experiences and local and regional activities, other activities).

In particular, there are no commissions or other brokerage costs: you can negotiate and interface directly on the platform with the different excellences and have a 1-to-1 relationship with the international operators present on the C2I portal.

Furthermore, in these pre-launch months there have been a series of dedicated online business meetings, to increase the audience of each reality and above all to create a link with international Buyers.

In recent weeks special experiences have been added such as the possibility of deepsea fishing in Ostuni, Puglia or booking a charter boat. Through C2I Connect2Italy, foreign tour operators will be able to purchase entrance tickets to the Doge’s Ball in Venice, taste the wines of the Zenato Wineries as an ideal setting to inebriate themselves with the scents of the vineyards and stay at the Allegro Hotels in Italy.

Each Italian operator has a page of its own where it can upload images, videos, offers and external links, a description and interface from the first day with foreign buyers who are looking for the most authentic Italy and its experiences.

“For example, the experience offered by a Tuscany company for an Argentine Tour Operator created a very profitable bond for both: milking the cows and creating the cheese, with the shepherd on site was what a group of twenty South American managers were looking for” concludes Vincenzo Pizzolante, Operation Manager for Connect2Italy.

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