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Chelyabinsk Airport’s Winter Schedule 2024: New Destinations and Airlines

Winter operations have commenced at Chelyabinsk’s I.V. Kurchatov International Airport, effective October 29, and will remain in place until March 30, 2023. This season, Chelyabinsk Airport will see flights from 12 different airlines serving 23 destinations, as confirmed by the airport’s official press release.

As per current carrier requests, the airport’s autumn-winter schedule includes provisions for 8 daily flights to the nation’s capital, Moscow. Airlines such as Aeroflot, Russia, Pobeda, and S7 will handle the routes.

To Sheremetyevo Airport, there will be 6 daily flights departing from Chelyabinsk in the morning, served by Pobeda and Aeroflot. Furthermore, Aeroflot will operate 2 daytime and 2 evening flights to the same destination. Vnukovo Airport will have one morning flight departing from Chelyabinsk on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. Meanwhile, S7 Airlines will offer an evening flight to Domodedovo Airport.

Chelyabinsk Airport will also provide 3 daily flights to St. Petersburg, with airlines Pobeda, Russia, and Smartavia handling the routes. These flights are scheduled to depart in the morning. Additionally, an evening flight to St. Petersburg will be offered by Aeroflot on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Sundays.

For southern destinations, Chelyabinsk Airport will feature flights to Sochi and Mineralnye Vody. These routes will encompass 12 weekly flights to Sochi, with Ural Airlines operating 6, Pobeda 4, and Severny Veter 2 flights. Meanwhile, Azimuth Airlines will serve Mineralnye Vody with 4 flights per week.

Interregional air travel during this season will be carried out by Red Wings, S7 Airlines, and UTair, offering 9 weekly flights to Novosibirsk through S7, 2 weekly flights to Kazan and Norilsk through Red Wings, and routes to Surgut and Khanty-Mansiysk via UTair. Furthermore, there will be 1 weekly flight to Volgograd, Krasnoyarsk, and Nizhny Novgorod operated by Red Wings.

Looking ahead to the new year, we anticipate the resumption of flights to Nizhnevartovsk and Samara.

On the international front, Chelyabinsk Airport expects flights to Turkey, featuring one weekly flight to Antalya and Istanbul via Red Wings. Flights to Egypt, specifically Sharm El Sheikh, will be serviced by Azur Air, with additional plans for flights to Thailand, with Phuket as the destination. The inaugural flight to Thailand is scheduled for November 7, also operated by Azur Air.

Regarding CIS destinations, Ural Airlines will offer 3 weekly flights to Tajikistan, covering Dushanbe and 1 weekly flight to Khujand. In Kyrgyzstan, there will be 2 weekly flights to Osh. Red Wings will handle 2 weekly flights to Armenia, reaching Yerevan.

Additionally, beginning November 15, Red Wings will launch flights to a new destination for Chelyabinsk Airport—Tbilisi, with flights scheduled for Wednesdays.

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