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Canadian Government Aims for 25% Growth in Tourism by 2025

Despite the virus issue in the world, the Canadian government believes that the tourism sector will see a 25% growth in the next five years. The main target of the government is the attention of international tourists. Country authorities decided to get attention from tourists during the non-peak period.

Spring and autumn are the non-peak period of tourism in Canada. The country’s government wants to attract more tourists during autumn and spring. While meeting in Montreal, authorities have shown the plan for the next two years. The country’s government will invest 58 million dollars in the tourism sector. That would be a significant investment for local facilities and entities that can help improve the non-peak period tourism.

According to the latest data, every tourist in Canada visits big cities such as Montreal, Toronto, and Ottawa. Tourist sector leaders want to increase the popularity of little provinces. $58 million would be a big help to local tourism entities that are located in little provinces.

Industries that can attract the attention of tourists

Canada has many sectors that could be interesting for international travelers. The cruise industry, casino tourism, winter sports – three primary sectors that can get more tourists.

Casino tourism

Casino and gaming tourism is growing every year. There are many casino resorts in-country and can help the country to get more international attention. Just like Las Vegas, Canada started the development of casino tourism in the 20th century.

The country government gave the green light to the gambling sector back in the 90s, and since then, business entities in that industry rule the worldwide competition. How can the gambling sector of Canada attract more tourists?

There is a significant correlation between the tourism and casino sector. We have seen successful examples of Las Vegas and Macau. Canada, however, is a different scenario. The country has casino resorts in every major city and area of the country. Tourism sector leaders are free to promote any specific area of the country because of casino venues in every part of the country.

Millions of people travel every month around the world just for gambling. Tourists can travel across the country and gamble in their favorite casino in Canada. Canada became competitive in the casino tourism industry, and it would be interesting to see how they can outperform Macau and Las Vegas.

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Cruise industry

In 2018, the province of Quebec announced a $35 million investment in the cruise industry. Representatives of the province decided to invest money to improve the equipment of the port. The cruise industry is very popular in the 21st century. Canada has a chance to attract more tourists through the cruise sector if they have improved infrastructure.

Montreal’s port received $78 investment in 2019 by the local province. Province authorities, along with Quebec’s officials, are looking after new infrastructure. Both ports, Quebec and Montreal, will have a significant impact on the cruise industry.

Investments will help ports to gain more territory. Fresh infrastructure will give a boost to thousands of cruises to visit the country every year. Millions of tourists use cruise tourism to travel around the world. Canada will get more attention from international travelers as a country will have the biggest ports in North America.

Winter sports in Canada

The government in Canada decided to promote local winter sports. Along with skiing and snowboarding, Canadians have exciting and yet very extreme sports for winter.

Skijoring gained popularity in the last few years. You’ll find a few spots in Quebec where you can Skijor and have fun. What Skijor stands for? Well, it’s an exciting sport where you should use a horse or a dog. It’s pure skiing, but one or a few dogs pull you. At some point, you may see horses doing the job of dogs.

A dog sled is another satisfying winter sport in Canada. Do you know the story of Balto? Well, you may witness the beauty of Canadian winter in the sled with dogs. Local authorities believe that dog sled and Skijoring will help the country to get millions of tourists every year.



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