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Arriving in Canada as a Tourist | Where to Go?

With a history and people as deeply unique as its geography, Canada truly stands out as a top tourist destination around the world. Every province offers its own take on natural wonder and entertainment for travelers and locals alike. From the bright blue waters of a northern lake to the Maritime lighthouses, Canada is an unpredictable gem of natural beauty. Here are the best places to go as a tourist in Canada, from coast to coast. 

What To Bring Upon Arrival 

Make sure to bring a valid passport and your identification documents to enter Canada. For the specific documentation needed for your country, visit natvisa.com. 

Banff National Park 

In Alberta, the famous Rocky Mountains offer more than rustic beauty. The mountains include more than a thousand miles of trails for hiking and the framework for additional outdoor activities like canoeing and kayaking on the lake. When you’re done exploring the sights, head downtown and do some shopping around Banff National Park. 

Skiing In Fernie, British Columbia 

One of the top skiing destinations globally, Fernie, British Columbia, offers a snowy wonderland for those with a taste for the wintery outdoors. Snowmobilers and skiers will rejoice in the snowy, open environment ready for exploring. This is also a great spot to do some winter photography. 

Nature Lovers and Cypress Hills

For a genuinely iconic nature escape, head to Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park, located on the Alberta and Saskatchewan border. Here, you’ll find an abundance of grasslands, forests, and wetlands topping rolling hills, lakes, and a wide range of plants and animals. Close by is Fort Walsh, where you can zipline, go horseback riding, and find the perfect hilltop spot to watch the sunset. Whether you head here to walk with someone you love or to experience ziplining for the first time, Cypress Hills is a treat. 

Wolf Lake: A Hidden Gem in Yukon 

A best-kept secret is Yukon’s Wolf Lake. Spot wildlife, the perfect fishing spot, and photography opportunities to make the most of this little slice of paradise. Wolf Lake is a well-kempt wilderness that few locals or travelers even know about. Be one of the few individuals to take in the sights and make the most of the area. 

Fraser River Fishing in British Columbia 

Head over to the largest salmon fishery in the world at the Fraser River. Enjoy the longest river in the region, stretching about 1400km, and take in the views that have allowed the area’s industry to grow. You can also partake in sturgeon fishing in the Fraser River, which is a top tourist activity!. 

Niagara Falls, Canada 

Admire the Falls or take a boat ride on the Maid of the Mist for a romantic or a family-fun activity. Enjoy live music and food nearby when you’re ready to dry off! Stop in at the Maid of the Mist giftshop after your boat ride for a souvenir. There is also golfing, camping, and shopping to partake in throughout the area. Hungry? Head to the Rainforest Café for a rainforest-inspired restaurant adventure that is perfect for the kids. 

The Forks in Manitoba

In the center of downtown, The Forks is a tourist attraction that includes many different dining, shopping, and entertainment options. The Forks is known as a famous meeting place with trees that bloom red and orange leaves in the autumn. For a family picnic or a day out on the town, visit The Forks. 

Explore Uranium City

In Saskatchewan, Uranium City is a ghost town to explore. Many people abandoned their towns and homes after the economy shut down in the 80s. Explore the city’s remains and the beautiful topography at Uranium City. 

Visit Toronto, Canada 

For the ultimate city-dweller experience, look no further than Toronto. Toronto is a crowded city with good reason! Spot museums, restaurants, theaters, shopping, and artwork at every corner. Visit the Hockey Hall of Fame, the CN Tower, or just ride the subway. Many museums offer interactive exhibits for even more amusement and entertainment. 

Dawson City History 

For history lovers, stop at Dawson City, and appreciate its history of gold mining. Nestled on the riverbanks, Dawson boasts small-town charm, art, and memories of the Klondike Gold Rush. Appreciate the epitome of Canada’s North in Dawson City. 

Nova Scotia Escapes

Head over to Sable Island, Nova Scotia, via plane or boat ride for a laid-back beach day; it is not accessible by car. Spot majestic wild horses and perhaps one of the 250 shipwrecks recorded in the region. For an offshore retreat or a romantic couple’s getaway, Sable Island is the place to be. 

Polar Bear Express

Want to spot a rare polar bear in its natural habitat? Look no further than the polar bear center of the world (also known as Churchill), right off Hudson Bay. Churchill, Canada, is a major tourist attraction as visitors spot a polar bears and even beluga whales! The beautiful northern lights and substantial birdwatching in the area add to the attraction of this destination as well. 

Prince Edward Island 

For a true breath of fresh air, head to Cavendish Beach and witness the red sands of this special section of Prince Edward Island. Enjoy a plethora of photo opportunities among sandy dunes, sandstone cliffs, and rock structures all across this Atlantic beach. Nearby, you’ll find small communities with dining and shopping options for small-town goods and gifts. 

The Big Picture 

There is clearly a lot of natural wonder to take in when visiting Canada. Travelers are at the advantage of taking their pick of the kinds of natural landmarks and adventures they’d like to see and experience. There is plenty to choose from. From crystal-clear lakes and rivers to the Atlantic Ocean and the Rocky Mountains, there is always something to see! Plus, Toronto and Niagara Falls have more than any city-dweller could ask for to get your fill of tourist fun. Plan your itinerary to meet your desires and head out to Canada right away!  

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