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Gambling Tourism: Where to Go In Spring for Casino Lovers

Spring break draws near and people are browsing different locations that they can visit during this vacation. For those who are feeling lucky and who would love to spend their time in luxurious casinos, there are several amazing locations. Of course, you can simply create an account on one of the best online casino for Canadians and enjoy gambling entertainment pretty much anywhere in the world. This way you can play slots, and even live dealer games, while you are traveling or while drinking your morning coffee. Here we will be going over the places with the most beautiful gambling resorts that are perfect for casino lovers. 

Niagara Falls

For those who are looking to witness wonders of nature along with top-tier men-made attractions, Niagara Falls are a perfect fit. More importantly, the place has a lush casino culture, which makes it an ideal choice for a night out. Additionally, you will have access to some of the best online casinos in the industry. If you love to play slots from Microgaming and claim neat bonuses then definitely visit Casino Classic and browse their content. All things considered, this is a truly unique location due to its impressive mix of natural beauties and flashy nightlife. Basically, you can spend your days in tranquil outdoors, and spend your nights partying. 


If you have never been to the land down under, then you have to visit Melbourne. This is a somewhat isolated part of Australia, and yet it is culturally diverse and just teeming with gambling opportunities. Australia has the highest concentration of online casino fans in the world, so you will definitely meet a lot of like-minded folks. Melbourn is also considered one of the best places to live, so it’s worth visiting just for that fact alone. 

It has an amazing array of galleries, exquisite restaurants, and some of the best sports stadiums in the world. As far as online casinos go, there is no shortage of those here, and some of the most famous establishments are here in Melbourne. You can look them up and even join a poker tournament, as those are frequently organized. It’s a perfect chance to experience some of the latest trends in the gambling industry, and try some new games. Finally, there are plenty of other attractions here, so your daily schedule will be completely filled out.     

Las Vegas

There are so many songs, movies, and TV series about Las Vegas, in fact, it’s impossible to talk about casino entertainment without mentioning this city in Nevada. Moreover, this is one of the places that manage to popularize gambling culture and present it as high-end entertainment. So, all of the latest innovations in the online casino industry were inspired by the content that is available in Vegas. It’s also worth mentioning that this is not a very large city, at least by US standards, but that doesn’t stop it from being a glamorous entertainment metropolis with visitors from all over the world. 

You will find lots of exquisite restaurants, boutiques, and of course some of the best hotels the US has to offer. Even if you are not a fan of luck-based games, there is definitely no shortage of entertainment or events in Sin City. So, if you have never been to Las Vegas, this spring break is a perfect opportunity to rectify this mistake. 

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Located 64km away from Hong Kong, Macau was one of the first European colonies, created in 1557 by the Portuguese. Chinese have a wonderful nickname for this place, and they call it “Mirror of the Ocean” and it was granted the status of a Special Administrative Region. This is what makes Macau different from all of the other places in China since gambling is legal here. 

Moreover, Macau features some of the largest entertainment values in Asia and you can find multiple truly beautiful casinos here. The place is known as the Vegas of Asia, and this is a very true statement. Basically, there is no better location for someone who enjoys gambling and Chinese cuisine. There are even some cuisine specialties that are only available here, and globally renowned chefs are running the most prestigious Macau restaurants.   


For those who wish to spend some time on a tropical beach, and take a dip in the Atlantic Ocean, then they can’t go wrong with the Bahamas. The island nation is located north of Cuba, and it has been a popular tourist attraction for decades. The Bahamas are called heaven on earth, and the most sophisticated and charming town is definitely Nassau. 

Of course, the town also has massive gambling resorts, and they host a variety of casino game tournaments.  Additionally, some of the most popular online casinos come from the Caribbean, which makes the Bahamas a great entertainment hub for all gaming fans.  


Australia and Europe in general aren’t often associated with gambling entertainment. Now that the UK is no longer a part of the European union their biggest casino player has left the team. Still, you can have an incredible experience in Salzburg. Here you will be able to witness some of the most impressive achievements in architecture, in their full glory and elegance. Additionally, some of the oldest casinos in Europe are in Salzburg, so if you wish to learn about the history of this form of entertainment, Austria is a great location for you. 


This 19th-century British trading colony is one of the most advanced places on earth. The island city became independent in 1959, and it is rightfully called the City of Lions. The night sky has an amazing glow that is generated by skyscrapers, and there are lots of clubs where you can spend the evenings partying. The locals are a mix of Malay, Indian and Chinese people, and lots of them really love to play casino games. 

However, the city is densely populated, so you don’t expect to spend time in peace and quiet. People who come here aim to start a successful tech company, so it’s really a business-oriented place. Who knows, maybe the visit will leave a strong impression and you decide to move here in pursuit of a tech career.    

Monte Carlo

Finally, you can pack your swimsuit and spend a vacation on the coast of Monaco. Monte Carlos is an incredibly glamorous place, where you can find lots of high-stakes games. Another reason why it is so famous is due to James Bond movies and Formula One Grand Prix. In addition to luxurious casinos, you will also enjoy Mediterranean landscapes and outdoor scenery. So, make sure to take some time and go on a hike, in order to truly appreciate the beauty of Monte Carlo. 


There you have it, 8 great locations for a spring break that is perfect for gambling fans. As you can see some of these are already popular tourist attractions, which is perfectly logical. The reason why casino owners decide to build a resort somewhere is that the place sees a lot of tourists. Land-based gambling institutions are usually hotels and restaurants where those same tourists can stay and enjoy the 5-star treatment. 

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