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Brussels Airlines Offers Fear of Flying Course

At the start of the autumn holidays, many guests choose to fly to their destination. Still, a significant number of people suffer from fear of flying to some degree. Fortunately, fear of flying is one of the most treatable phobias. Brussels Airlines offers a course, teaching how to cope with aviophobia, and it has a success rate of more than 80%.

BrusselsAirlines Rackham IMG 0954Many people who are afraid to fly avoid traveling by air but for others who need to travel for work or have plans for a holiday far from home flying is inevitable. Besides that, the number of passengers travelling by air is only growing. Therefore, Brussels Airlines offers a two-day course, teaching participants techniques in order to cope with their fears and to feel comfortable during their journey by plane. The course is given by Psychotherapists of The Human Link in cooperation with Brussels Airlines pilots and flight attendant Jan Verbeke. More than 80% of those who take the course overcome their fears and board a plane again after.

The fear of flying therapy was created by Brussels Airlines, the University of Ghent and Brussels Airport and offers the best possible chances of success. The treatment includes a theoretical day and a flying day. With courses about fear and about flying and with a visit of an actual plane, pilots and professional therapists make everything visual and tangible. During the second day of the course, participants take two flights to put everything they have learned into practice, under the supervision of the psychotherapists and therefore trained cabin crew. During both flights, participants practice the different techniques they have learned during the theoretical course and the therapists challenge them to confront their fear.

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