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Brussels Airlines and NORDIC Sign Long-term Cooperation

Brussels Airlines joins forces with NORDIC, market leader and specialist in travel to Scandinavia. Following the agreement for the coming three years, the partners will offer direct flights to Lapland and Southern Norway in the summer and winter seasons. In the years to come, Brussels Airlines and NORDIC aim to expand the number of flights and destinations.

The first flight within the three-year contract between Brussels Airlines and NORDIC is scheduled for 4 July, to Evenes in the north of Norway (Lofoten). Both parties plan to operate a weekly flight during the summer holidays. It will be the first time that direct flights to this destination are available from Brussels Airport. During the winter season Kittilä, Kiruna and Bergen (southern Norway) will be added to the network. Earlier, Brussels Airlines had already operated flights to Kittilä, Kiruna and Bergen on behalf of NORDIC, while Evenes is a new destination.

Frederic Dechamps, Senior Director Sales Belgium for the Lufthansa Group says: “I am very pleased with the extension of our partnership with Nordic, which allows us to confirm Lapland as part of our destination portfolio. This step confirms a mutual commitment to a long-term cooperation with a partner of choice, a well-established specialist on these wonderful destinations.”

Maarten Raes, Founder and CEO of NORDIC: “What started in 2016-2017 with 5 flights from Brussels to Kittila (Finland) and Tromsø, has grown to an offer of 71 flights per year. During the summer holidays of this year, we will start a weekly flight to Lofoten in northern Norway. The winter season offers flights to Kittilä in Finnish Lapland, Kiruna in Swedish Lapland as well as Bergen in Norway. Together with Brussels Airlines, we aim to increase the number of flights and destinations significantly in the coming years. In order to provide sufficient capacity locally as well, we are working together with local entrepreneurs to be able to offer our customers the best products available.”

Kittilä, top destination in Finnish Lapland will be connected weekly from 18 December to 9 April with an additional flight every five days from 8 December to 11 April. On top, Kiruna will welcome direct flights during the beginning and end of the winter. In February and March, four flights to Bergen are foreseen in the schedule, while Evenes will receive a weekly flight during the summer holidays in 2021, provided that travel restrictions in Norway are lifted.

“During winter, we are working with a number of lodges that can be booked exclusively through Nordic. The offer includes 5 small-scale and very high quality lodges including Aurora Mountain lodge in the middle of the Swedish high mountains, Valkea Lodge in the Finnish forests, Pinetree Lodge on a lake in the Swedish forests, Arctic River Lodge on a beautiful ice river and Lapland View Lodge on top of a hill. Each one a unique gem and only bookable via Nordic and with a direct flight to Lapland.” Maarten Raes continues.

“With these touristic hotspots in Finland, Sweden and Norway, we are further expanding our Brussels Airlines winter network with new destinations and extra flights.” Says David Lyssens, Senior Director Network and Planning at Brussels Airlines. “Also the addition of Evenes in Norway to the summer network portfolio is with the clear intention to grow further in the coming years together with NORDIC and to bring more Belgians in contact with the incredible Scandinavian nature.” adds Lyssens.

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