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Bratislava to Appoint Night Mayor

Less than four months ago, the residents of Bratislava elected their new mayor. But although Matúš Vallo may rule over the city during day-time, Slovakia’s capital is also seeking a night-time supervisor.

According to local media, Bratislava is considering creating a new position for municipal authorities to regulate the excesses of late night partying, a so-called ‘night-life mayor’ that was appointed in cities all around the world, including New York, London and, more recently, Prague.

Bratislava’s new nightlife mayor would be in charge of setting the rules for partying at night, especially in the city centre, and negotiating with the various interested parties, including bar managers and business owners. Working closely in cooperation with municipal police and representative of Bratislava mayor Iveta Chovancova, a team might also be dispatched to resolve conflicts that might arise from having drunk a few beers too many.

“His or her powers will include negotiations with the operators of restaurants, pubs and night clubs and setting the rules for the operation of the city during night hours”, Bratislava municipal council told to the TASR agency.

The appointment is expected “within months”, according to the Slovak Spectator.

Earlier this year, the municipal council of Prague appointed Jan Stern as the city’s first so-called ‘nightlife mayor’. His responsibilities include regulating the excesses of excess partying and drunken tourists, especially in the old city centre of the Czech capital, and proposing solutions to address overfilled streets and noise pollution.

“We believe that nightlife is a very important asset for the city and its inhabitants, but it is also causing a set of specific problems that need to be targeted”, especially in light of the booming tourism industry: last year, a record number of 20 million tourists visited the Czech Republic.

“As I see it, our work is not about regulating, but about cultivating”, Jan Stern argued, assuring that decisions won’t be made without properly consulting with business owners and residents on the issue.

Prague and Bratislava are following the examples of other highly touristy cities in Europe like Paris, London and Amsterdam, which was the first to try this experiment and appoint a ‘night-life mayor’ a few years ago.

Source: kafkadesk.org

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