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Upcycled Aircraft Parts

Bespoke Upcycled Aircraft Parts from Retired A380 Available for Pre-Orders

Aviation fans and collectors can now place pre-orders for bespoke furniture and unique upcycled aircraft parts made from the first A380 ever delivered to Emirates (A6-EDA) and which has been retired from the skies.

Fancy a coffee table made from an A380 main wheel? How about a clock made from wing fuel panel (your choice of original metal or polished), or the First Class cabin’s gold-plated Emirates logo which has featured on countless Instagram posts as a framed wall hanging? Perhaps you’re interested in something larger, such as the aircraft tail featuring the UAE flag standing at 24 metres, or the A380 lounge bar for your patio. These items and more could be designed and customised for collectors and enthusiasts looking for unique pieces of aviation history.

Emirates has contracted UAE-based specialists Falcon Aircraft Recycling and their partners Wings Craft, to responsibly break down its retired A380 aircraft and recover materials which can be repurposed and given a new life through upcycling or recycling, in order to reduce landfill waste to the minimum.

Fawaz Mohammed Ali, Founder and CEO of Wings Craft Furniture said: “We are excited to showcase some of the unique items that we’ve crafted from Emirates’ retired A380 at this year’s Dubai Airshow. Our team will be onsite to discuss design options for customised items, including one-off pieces made from winglets, window panels, or specific parts of the aircraft marked with its tailfin registration. We’re also in the process of restoring the iconic A380 onboard bar which will soon be released for sale via an online auction.”

Andrew Tonks, Director of Falcon Aircraft Recycling said: “The work to break down the aircraft is still underway at our facility, following the strictest regulatory guidelines and best practice to minimise waste and environmental impact. This is a special aircraft that deserves a meaningful second life. Most upcycling projects offer only mass-produced retail items, but there are so many iconic features of the Emirates A380 that we believe there will be demand for customised one-off pieces. We’re working closely with Wings Craft to introduce more unique items as new parts and material become available, so stay tuned.”

Wings Craft and Falcon Aircraft Recycling, together with The Emirates Airline Foundation, will display samples of the first batch of items and collectibles made from the retired Emirates A380 at the Dubai Airshow 2021, stand 450B with the generous support of the Dubai Airshow organisers F&E.

A portion of sale profits of all upcycled aircraft parts will benefit the Emirates Airline Foundation, the airline’s charity organisation focussed on helping disadvantaged children around the world.

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