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Palma de Mallorca

Balearic Islands Government Proposes Stricter Deportation Laws for Misbehaving Tourists

The Balearic Islands government is planning to introduce new legislation that will allow for the swift deportation of foreign visitors who violate local behavioral norms, with a subsequent ban on re-entry.

The objective behind this move is to safeguard the tranquility of local residents who have grown weary of noisy tourists while simultaneously creating a more peaceful environment for families seeking a quieter vacation experience. However, the architects of these new measures are apprehensive that the government’s attempts to add disruptive tourists to a “blacklist” may clash with the European Union’s laws on freedom of movement, particularly in cases involving tourists from EU member countries.

The Balearic Islands, including the popular tourist destination of Majorca, have been grappling with issues related to the behavior of tourists. Earlier, authorities in a Majorcan city decided to impose fines of €900 on tourists who jump from docks into the water following a series of tragic incidents.

The proposed legislation seeks to address these concerns by enabling authorities to deport unruly tourists swiftly, thus discouraging disruptive behavior. While this initiative aims to create a more harmonious coexistence between residents and tourists, it remains to be seen how it will align with EU regulations concerning freedom of movement, especially in cases involving EU nationals on vacation in the Balearic Islands.

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