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Angola and Russia Discuss Direct Flight Connection Between Moscow and Luanda

Angola and Russia are exploring the possibility of launching a direct flight route between Moscow and Luanda, according to statements made by the Russian Ambassador to Angola, Vladimir Tararov.

“I have already initiated discussions with the local authorities, and they have even informed us that they are ready to begin official talks on opening a direct flight route between Moscow and Luanda. This is just the beginning of the discussion. I have held discussions with the leadership of the Angolan airline, TAAG, and with the Russian Federal Air Transport Agency (Rosaviatsiya). They have mutual understanding, and I proposed that they hold a meeting to assess the economic viability,” stated Ambassador Tararov.

Currently, there is no direct air connection between Russia and Angola, making flights with one stopover the most convenient option.

However, such travel options are not considered budget-friendly. For example, the cost of a plane ticket during the peak season in January ranges from 195,000 to over 220,000 Russian rubles for a round trip. Prices are slightly lower during the autumn months, with tickets available for around 130,000 Russian rubles. Nevertheless, passengers on this route would need to make five layovers.

The potential introduction of a direct flight route between Moscow and Luanda would undoubtedly offer more convenience and potentially lower costs for travelers, fostering stronger ties between the two nations.

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