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Air New Zealand

Air New Zealand to Offer Sleeping Berths in 2024

Air New Zealand will be the first airline to offer sleeping berths to passengers in economy class. However, this will not be available on all flights and not for everyone, but only for those willing to pay for this service.

In 2024, the airline will receive Dreamliners with a new layout. There will be Business Premiere Luxe class, which did not exist before, Business Premiere, economy, and also Skynests, beds in economy. There will be only six of them.

Here’s how it will work: on ultra-long flights, such as Auckland to New York, which lasts 16.5 hours, economy class passengers can reserve a bed for themselves for 4 hours. The bed is full-sized, completely horizontal, two meters long, with a curtain. Each passenger can only book 4 hours, and it won’t be possible to purchase multiple slots in a row. The cost of these 4 hours is currently unclear, but there’s no doubt that this will be a popular option.

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