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Air France

Air France to Test 10 French Start-Ups

In October 2018, to help French Tech get off the ground, Air France and BETC have created a novel concept bringing together start-up entrepreneurs and its millions of passengers.

3a25e91a 22.02.18Air France customers will be able to exclusively test the products or services of 10 French start-ups, spanning a wide range of fields including augmented reality, biomimicry, artificial intelligence and magnetometry, as well as wine appreciation, music, culture and well-being.

A novel experience open to Air France customers from October 1 to 12 in the Air France lounge at Paris-CDG Terminal 2E, Hall M, and via the frenchtech.airfrance.com website until October 31.

6 start-ups and their innovations to discover in the lounge 

Explore a virtual world –

  • MyEGGO – A 3D modelling cabin, with 400 tiny cameras that can create your avatar to within millimeter accuracy. For the very first time at the airport, Air France travelers will be able to create their avatar and see it evolve independently on their mobile phone.

Relax thanks to biomimicry and chromotherapy –

  • GLOWEE – A living light source brought to you by nature, a revolutionary way to produce and consume electricity

Non-stop access to culture, anywhere in the world –

  • UMA (Universal Museum of Art) – The first virtual reality museum collaborating with museums and specialists to provide unique exhibitions, available for free over the internet.

A wine tasting experience –

  • AVEINE – A smart wine aerator that allows the right amount of air into a bottle, allowing it to breathe correctly.

Re-discover the magic of drawing –

  • LA SLATE 2+ The pleasure of paper, the magic of digital technology – a slate that transforms the digital drawing experience. A digital tablet that lets you scan your texts and sketches in real time and bring a digital existence to creations on paper.

Listen to unparalleled audio quality –

  • OW1 – A portable audio system converting digital audio to analog, delivering exceptional audio quality and simple touch controls.

4 start-ups to discover on frenchtech.airfrance.fr

Soft and safe mobility –

  • GÉOVELO – a GPS app for cyclists that displays short or safe routes around France via a multi-criteria algorithm.

Healthy eating accessible to all

  • FOODVISOR  – An app providing nutritional facts and calories on meals from a photo allowing users to keep track of what they’re eating, effortlessly and in a fun way.

Learning a language with voice recognition and artificial intelligence

  • PILIPOP  – An easy language learning method on tablet and mobile phone using vocal recognition technology, specially designed for children aged 5 upwards, by expert linguists.
  • LANGUAGES.AI  – A smart instant translation app that allows you to learn a language by surfing the web.
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