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Air France Launches Live TV on Board

Since July 19, 2019, the company’s customers have had complimentary access to TV channel France 24’s full live content, on board their flight. This offer is available on all Air France medium-haul flights equipped with Air France CONNECT.

On medium-haul flights equipped with the Air France CONNECT connectivity service, the company’s customers have access to an entertainment programme portal, in addition to their Wi-Fi access. They can thus enjoy at no extra charge, a wide selection of films, series and documentaries on their personal smartphone, tablet or PC. This portal also gives them access to real-time news bulletins throughout their flight, thanks to France 24 channel’s live-streaming TV, in French and English.

On its long-haul flights, Air France also offers customers a selection of France 24 documentaries and programmes as part of its in-flight entertainment offer accessible from their individual screens. The France 24 channel is also broadcast live in most Air France-KLM airport lounges, in French, English and Arabic.

Air France CONNECT, Air France’s connectivity service

The Air France CONNECT connectivity service is available on all Wi-Fi-equipped Air France medium and long-haul aircraft. Customers have access to 3 Wi-Fi passes – a free “Message” pass, ideal for using instant messaging apps, the “Surf” pass for surfing the internet and consulting and sending emails, and the “Stream” pass for enjoying a faster connection.

On medium-haul flights, Air France CONNECT also offers customers access to a diverse and continually evolving entertainment programme portal. This offer includes films, series, documentaries and now also live TV, and more recently music and Audible audiobooks.

With the aim of having a fully-connected fleet by end-2020, Wi-Fi continues to be rolled out on board Air France’s medium and long-haul aircraft. To date, 50 aircraft have been equipped (35 long-haul aircraft and 15 short and medium-haul aircraft) and at the end of this year, half of the medium and long-haul fleets will be connected.

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