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Air Algerie Launches Direct Flights from Pulkovo Airport to Algiers

Pulkovo Airport in St. Petersburg celebrated a momentous occasion as it successfully served the inaugural flight of Air Algerie, marking the start of a new route connecting Russia and Algeria. The airline will now operate direct flights from Pulkovo Airport to Algiers three times a week, offering convenient travel options for passengers. The flights will be operated on Boeing 737-800 aircraft.

Asiyat Khalvashi, the Director of Aviation Commerce at “Northern Capital Gateway,” the company managing Pulkovo Airport, expressed excitement about introducing this promising connection. She stated that Air Algerie’s launch of direct flights to Algiers opens up fresh opportunities for passengers traveling through Pulkovo. She also emphasized the potential of this route to cater to the demands of both tourism and seamless connecting flights to popular international destinations.

The flight schedule is designed to accommodate passengers’ needs, with departures from Algiers scheduled at 20:30 and arriving in St. Petersburg at 03:15. For travelers departing from Pulkovo Airport to Algiers, the flights are planned to leave at 04:15, with arrival in Algiers at 07:15. The timings for each airport are local, ensuring a smooth travel experience for passengers.

Algiers Airport offers excellent connectivity options, enabling passengers to access more than 75 foreign destinations. These include sought-after locations in Europe, Asian countries, Africa, the Middle East, and North America. With seamless connections and transfers, Air Algerie’s flights provide travelers with a gateway to explore diverse regions and cultures across the globe.

The collaboration between Pulkovo Airport and Air Algerie promises to enhance travel experiences for both Russian and Algerian travelers. As the new route facilitates direct access between the two nations, it is expected to foster tourism and strengthen business ties. Whether passengers are seeking new adventures, cultural experiences, or business opportunities, the direct flights from Pulkovo Airport to Algiers offer an exciting new chapter in air travel between Russia and Africa.

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