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Aeroflot Launches Unique Aeroflot-Shuttle Program for Moscow – St. Petersburg Route

Aeroflot is set to revolutionize domestic civil aviation with the launch of its unique Aeroflot-Shuttle program on June 1st, targeting the popular route between Moscow and Petersburg. The shuttle service will feature flights departing from Sheremetyevo and Pulkovo airports at intervals as short as 15 minutes, and from/to Vnukovo every 30 minutes. The total frequency of flights under this new service will exceed 70 flights per day.

To enhance passenger convenience, the airline is also introducing a new no-baggage fare group called Economy Shuttle for this route. This fare allows passengers the flexibility to adjust their travel plans, enabling them to catch an earlier or later flight than originally booked. The fare conditions permit free ticket exchanges for any other SU-coded flights between Sheremetyevo/Vnukovo and St. Petersburg within a 12-hour window before or after the originally scheduled flight time. This option is also available to travelers holding tickets in the Economy Optimum and Maximum, Comfort Optimum and Maximum, and all Business fare groups (with some restrictions).

Passengers can change their departure time at the airport check-in counter or by calling Aeroflot’s contact center. This service is available from 12 hours up to 40 minutes before the departure of the initial flight. Additionally, passengers will be able to check in no later than 30 minutes before the scheduled departure time.

Aeroflot believes the advantages of this new program will be appreciated not only by business travelers, who often need to adjust their schedules, but by all passengers seeking more flexible travel planning between the two capitals. The option to change flight times for free will be particularly beneficial for those who arrive at the airport either too early or too late for their originally booked flight.


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