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Easiest Countries to Learn the Language in Europe

Experts of the language learning program Preply have identified the easiest countries to learn the language in Europe. The winner turned out to be a very unexpected Romania.

When compiling the rating, the structure of the language, the number of spoken languages, accents and dialects in each country, as well as the average cost of language courses for foreigners were taken into account.

In the end, Romania, where more than 90% of the population speaks Romanian, came out on top as the country with the least number of accents and dialects. At the same time, the average cost of a Romanian language lesson in the country is about 15 USD – it is the third cheapest cost among the analyzed countries.

Easiest countries to learn the language in Europe:

1. Romania

2. Ireland

3. Portugal

4. Serbia

5. Poland

6. Luxembourg

7. Belgium

8. Austria

9. Slovakia

10. Great Britain


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