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AquaDom, Aquarium in Lobby of Berlin Radisson Blu Bursts

If you have been to Berlin, you may have heard (or even went to see) about AquaDom, the largest cylindrical aquarium with an elevator inside, which was located in the Radisson Collection Hotel in Dom Aquaree?

It blew up tonight. The aquarium was 16 meters high and 11 meters in diameter. 1 million liters of water and 1500 exotic fish ended up on the pavement of Karl Liebknecht Strasse. The hotel guests were evacuated.


The AquaDom was a 25 m (82 ft) tall cylindrical acrylic glass aquarium with built-in transparent elevator. It was located inside the Radisson Collection Hotel in the DomAquarée complex at Karl-Liebknecht-Straße in Berlin-Mitte. The DomAquarée complex also contains offices, a museum, a restaurant, and the aquarium Berlin Sea Life Centre. On 16 December 2022 the aquarium ruptured, destroying the construction.


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