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Is Turkey Safe for Russian Tourists? Poles Beat Russians in Alanya

In Turkish Alania, Poles beat Russian tourists for refusing to discuss the bloody war that Russia unleashed in Ukraine. The incident took place at the Quattro Beach Hotel.

The staff supported the Poles and silently watched the conflict. The police subsequently arrived at the scene, but the Poles managed to leave. At the same time, the Russians were put in a cell and released only in the morning.

Greece is no longer a safe country for Russian tourists, as there are cases of aggression and discrimination against Russians. The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs recommended that Russian citizens refrain from traveling to Estonia.

During the summer holiday season, Russians faced difficulties in obtaining Schengen visas through the visa centers of European countries popular with tourists: according to travel agencies interviewed by RBC, there are no free windows in the visa centers of France, Greece and Spain in July for making an appointment to submit documents. 

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