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Luxair Reaffirms Its Commitments to Decarbonise Aviation by 2050


Luxair and the ERA (European Regions Airline Association) as a trade association, reaffirm their support for the promise of “Net-Zero carbon emissions by 2050” and for the request for the easing of restrictions linked to Covid-19, submitted by IATA in October 2021.

Meeting in Toulouse on Thursday 3 and Friday 4 February 2022, where the aviation Summit was held, the French
Minister of Transport, his European counterparts, the Commissioner in charge of transport and the European air transport stakeholders discussed several themes and measures with the common objective of decarbonising aviation in a sustainable way. On this occasion, the French Presidency of the Council of the European Union launched the “Toulouse Declaration” on the future sustainability and decarbonisation of aviation, which ERA, including Luxair as a member, endorsed.

Conscious of the impact of its activities on the environment, Luxair joined the signatories in reaffirming its support for the promise “NetZero carbon emissions by 2050”, in particular by gradually reducing its CO2 emissions. Social and environmental responsibility is a major principle for the airline, which is continuously working to reduce its impact on the environment. While recognising the essential role of aviation in ensuring and improving regional and global multimodal connectivity for Europe and the rest of the world, ERA defends the interests of intra- European airlines and, as such, promotes greener and environmentally friendly air connectivity.

For these reasons and in view of the emergence of the Omicron variant, Luxair also joins all airlines in Europe in urgently appealing to the European Commission for easing of the airport slot policy, immediate and retroactive for the 2021-2022 winter season, and for the entire duration of the Covid-19. As such, the airline officially commends the steps taken by the German, Dutch, and Luxembourg governments in favour of this measure. In his turn, Gilles Feith, Luxair CEO and member of the ERA Board, reminds the importance of vaccination for the smooth continuation of air transport activities and the common benefit of al

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