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American Cruise Lines

American Cruise Lines Is Now Operating in 8 U.S. States

American Cruise Lines announced today that its 2021 season has begun with the first 6 of its 13 ships now operating in 8 different states around the country. The U.S.-flagged company, based in Connecticut, was the first line to resume operations in the U.S. on March 13 when the 100-guest Independence began coastal cruises from Florida.

Days later, American began cruises on the Mississippi River and now is planning to resume operations on its entire fleet later this spring.

The company is allowed to operate because the ships that carry fewer than 250 people don’t fall under the no-sail order issued by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

American Cruise Lines is the onlyline cruising on both the nation’s coasts and rivers, and hasthe largest U.S. registered fleet in the country. It is the only line currently cruising the East Coast and one of a few lines that isable to sail in Alaska this summer. American is scheduled to have their full 13-ship fleet sailing in all U.S. regions later this spring—from Alaska to Florida and the rivers in-between.

“We are proud to have been the first line back on the water in the U.S. As the only cruise line visiting 30 states, we have taken great care to resume cruises safely in each region by working closely with state and local partners,” said Charles B. Robertson, president and CEO of American Cruise Lines. “The popularity of small-ship domestic cruising was stronger than ever before the pandemic and 2021 demand is already at new record levels.”

American’s2021 cruises includea regimen of new safety protocols, but otherwise provide the same personalized guest experience they arerenowned for. All the Line’s small ships offer over 350 sq./ft.per passenger, butAmerican is voluntarily operating with additional occupancy restrictionsto further enhance the space on board. The Line has implemented industry-leading COVID-19 mitigation practices, which include pre-boarding testing and medical staff on board all cruises.

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