What Changed in Russian Outgoing Market in 3 Years?

What Changed in Russian Outgoing Market

The balances in the Russian outgoing market, where destinations in the Mediterranean basin compete, have changed radically since 2015.

According to data, in the 2015/2016 period, until the outbreak of the crisis Covid- 19, for mass tourism, the most winning country of the outgoing market was Turkey.
The gain also happened in package Tours. So what happened to the Russian outgoing market in these 3 years?

How much has the holiday departures from Russia grown?

According to Tourismdatabank’s Russia Outgoing Market 2020 research, tourists exports from Russia in 3 years, increased by 13.7 million and exceeded 45 million.
The Russian outgoing market for tourism & travel expanded by 4 million in this period to over the 20 million mark. Travels made with Turoperators also rose by more than 5 million.

According to the record of 2014, Turkey increased its share from 27% to 49%, Egypt’s share fell from 18% to much below 1%. Along with Egypt, countries in the Mediterranean region of Europe also lost market share, while very few countries such as Southern Cyprus and Tunisia showed a slight increase.

Who is the ruler of the package tour in Russia?

Turkey was also the dominant power in the package tour market in Russia for years. After 2015, Turkey was alone (with Egypt’s loss) determinant of the market. So, Turkey’s share in package Tours increased from 40 % in 2014 to over 70 % at the end of 2019.
During this period, Turkey’s all rivals suffered losses close to 50% of market share. Egypt fell to zero point.

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