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8 Best Places on Earth to Get Inspired and Finish Your Dissertation

Writing a dissertation is a complex process. It takes weeks, if not months of preparation to find the resources alone. And the hard part comes after that, when you start the actual writing part.

It is a piece of work that requires concentration, commitment, and discipline. In fact, many students find their usual study spots might not be the right environment to facilitate the dedication it requires. Although it’s much easier to seek out help from the professional writers at essaypro, some still look for places that can inspire them.

A change of scenery might be exactly what you need to complete the last stretch of your dissertation, and here we have the perfect list to get you started. All of these places listed do not require US citizens to hold a visa for a travel duration of fewer than 30 days.

1. Prague, Czech Republic 

This gorgeous, and tourist-friendly city has always been a favorite with digital nomads, and students alike. The irresistible charm of Europe combined with modern comforts is just the right recipe for a getaway.

You can find plenty of cafes with high-speed internet where you can spend hours working on your dissertation. When you need a boost to your creativity, visit the museums, galleries, or check out the architecture. The city is relatively affordable compared to the rest of Europe and will double up for a great holiday as well.

2. Canggu, Indonesia

For those who are craving the serenity of an island, there is no better choice than this quaint part of Indonesia. Canggu is a popular travel destination for writers, remote workers, and everyone who loves an enjoyable beach holiday.

This beach village attracts you with cute cafes and coworking spaces that encourage productivity, only with the fascinating view of the beach. When it’s time for a break, you can head out to the rice paddy fields or meditate in one of the tranquil temples

3. Stockholm, Sweden

Scandinavia is always an ideal place to find your focus. You will find the entire city blanketed by snow in winter, and the summer sun shining in the day. The nordic cafes and their elegant architecture would be great for a fika to go along with your dissertation.

The city also has plenty of gardens, parks, and woods for you to hide out in a cabin, and enjoy the quietness of nature.

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4. Bangkok, Thailand

Some need absolute silence to achieve productivity, while others prefer the constant buzz of a busy city to get their creativity flowing. If you fall into the second category, then Bangkok is the place for you. It has skyscrapers, shining neon lights, and mouth-watering food at cheap places to keep you away from hunger headaches.

You can also find ways to live at a low cost, with the easy transportation system and a large expat community.

5. Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Cluj might not be as famous as Bucharest, but digital nomads and students will find the place a home pretty soon. With one-third of the population made up of students from all over the world, the city has a very welcoming mindset. In fact, according to Eurostat Survey 2014, Cluj was the top among the most friendly towns in Europe.

The city features dozens of art galleries, along with an eclectic taste. You will have no trouble finding a quiet corner or an active student hotspot to collect your thoughts on the dissertation.

6. Penang, Malaysia

While the capital Kuala Lumpur is all about the rush, Penang has the perfect blend of traditional Malaysian heritage and the modern facilities that you seek. George Town would be the most suitable part for students. It is the cultural hub where you will find a myriad of ways to excite your imagination.

Over the years, the town has evolved to accommodate a few coworking spaces with high-speed internet. You will come across fellow travelers, students exchanging ideas, and sharing experiences.

7. Berlin, Germany

Modern, trendy, and diverse, Berlin has come a long way to become an international destination. The city now hosts a unique creative vibe that appeals to students and creators from across the globe. Though it might be a bit expensive, if you look at the right resources on the internet, you will easily find affordable accommodations.

There are as many coworking spaces such as cafes and an active nightlife for when you want to celebrate finishing the dissertation.

8. Porto, Portugal

Porto has been catching up with Lisbon as an attractive destination for student travelers. It has an artsy and hipster vibe, along with being much cheaper than Lisbon. The city is small, and you can enjoy the best of it by walking itself.

You will also find no lack of coworking spaces. If not, you can pick any cafe and spend your time with your laptop.

The environmental context could play a significant role in your productivity. With a topic that excites you and a change of location, writing your dissertation might feel more like a vacation.

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