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Traveler Fears

What Are Biggest Traveler Fears

As of spring 2024, the main traveler fears are civil unrest and terrorism, whereas just a year ago, travelers were most concerned about accidents and injuries.

Main Traveler Fears

According to the results of the latest survey conducted by the American company Global Rescue’s Winter 2024 Traveler Sentiment and Safety Survey, more than a third of travelers (36%) reported that civil unrest and terrorism are their biggest concerns when traveling worldwide, reflecting a threefold increase compared to spring 2023. At the same time, a quarter of respondents (25%) stated that accidents or illnesses during travel are their main concerns, whereas in spring 2023, half (50%) of surveyed tourists had such fears. Concerns about trip cancellation, robbery, or theft ranged from 7 to 9%, while positive COVID test results and natural disasters received 5% of responses each. Less than 1% of tourists fear nuclear catastrophes.

The report indicates that travelers have become more proactive in enhancing their trip protection through safety recommendations and evacuation insurance. Indeed, a third of respondents (34%) stated that the war in Ukraine, Hamas attacks on Israel, or other violent conflicts increase the likelihood that they will add protective evacuation and advisory services to their travel insurance policy.

“We’re seeing an understandable increase in traveler concern worldwide. Nevertheless, international trip takers continue to travel anyway despite the rising threats of civil unrest, war and terrorism,” said Dan Richards, CEO of The Global Rescue Companies, the world’s leading provider of medical, security, evacuation and travel risk management services, and a member of the U.S. Travel and Tourism Advisory Board at the U.S. Department of Commerce.

Travelers are seeking more security, and the travel industry is responding. The U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is advancing new security screening programs like the Screening at Speed Program that enables the scanning of walking passengers, acquiring data through most garments and reliably detecting a wider range of prohibited items regardless of concealment. Hotels are using keyless room entry, elevator access controls and surveillance cameras to increase guest safety. Airbnb users must verify their identity before completing a reservation. Travelers are turning to door wedges, portable door locks and lock lockers for added protection in hotel rooms.

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