Professional Photographer of the Year 2020 Results

Filip Kulisev from Slovakia Professional Photographer

Filip Kulisev from Slovakia

Daria Matrosova from Vitebsk, Belarus, won an absolute victory in the competition of the Federation of European Photographers and was recognized as the “Best Professional European Photographer – 2020”. The winner is the first Eastern European photographer and also the first female photographer to win the coveted title of FEP Professional Photographer of the Year. Matrosova is also the winner of the Golden Camera in the Illustrative / Digital art category of the competition.

Other Golden Camera winners included

  • Antti Karppinen from Finland – Commercial
  • Filip Kulisev from Slovakia – Drone,
  • Vadim Yatsun from Ukraine – Fashion,
  • Markus van Hauten from Germany – Landscape,
  • Martina Wärenfeldt from Sweden – Portrait,
  • Alfonso Novo from Spain – Reportage,
  • Mathias Kniepeiss from Austria – Sports,
  • Valter Antuned from Portugal – Wedding
  • Massimo Giorgetta from Italy – Wildlife.

The Drone category was a new addition to the competition.

This year the competition had a over 2200 images from 29 different countries and an international jury consisting of 21 judges from 12 different countries worked very hard to assess the images.
Johan Brouwers, the Chairman of the competition said: ”Thank you to all the participating photographers for making this 2020 edition such a great success. And thank you to all the judges for the very large effort they did judging the images. Going through categories like Portrait with over 600 pictures is a very demanding task. The scores at the top were again very close, with 3 ties among the camera winners. This year we started the new Drone category. The results were very promising. This category still has high growth potential, but we already saw many amazing aerial pictures. It was an honour to see the work of the best of the best of so many European professional photographers.”

During the same award ceremony also the winner of the new youth competition, FEP Young Photographer Award – competition was revealed. This winner was also a female professional photographer, Laura-Madeleine Engler from Germany.

Daria Matrosova Professional Photographer
Daria Matrosova


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