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Camping And Photography: Get The Most Out of Your Trip With a Camera

For most photographers, there is no better model than nature.

It seems that no matter where you look there is a perfectly framed subject to shoot. It makes sense that camping and photography are perfect partners. Your time is much less limited when you can sleep where you plan to shoot.

Camping on its own is challenging. Camping to take pictures becomes even more difficult. Packing and planning are essential to be able to have a successful outing.

In this article, we will go over some ideas to make your camping trip a winner when it comes to capturing the perfect photo.


Choose your season

Photography is fun and rewarding in any season. Don’t just limit yourself to camping in the summer or fall for when it’s easy.

Camping in the winter can be fun when done right and the photos you end up with can be very memorable. You’ll need to read up on some winter camping tips as it is more challenging but it is worth it.

As travel photography becomes more niche-oriented, having some snowy nature pics will help you stand out.

Pack your gear separately

In addition to packing smartly and light, you also need to be hyper-organized. You’ll want to make sure that all your gear is one space. When you are on a bare-bones expedition, everything should be ready to go at a moment’s notice.

If you have a dedicated bag that only contains your photography essentials then you’ll be happy you do.

Plan around the light

Outside, you have less control over the environment. Plan out what you want to shoot and then figure out the best time of day to do it. Maximize the light you’re working with as it can make or break your photos.

For instance, sunset and sunrise are the best times to shoot. The hour before the sun rises and an hour before it sets is called the “Golden Hour.” That rule has never rung truer than when you plan to shoot nature in its full glory.

Practice before you go

There is nature all around you, not just when you are camping. Even in the city, you can find some green spaces. Take some time to practice taking the kind of shots you want to do out at the campsite.

You’ll hone your skills so that you don’t miss a shot by not getting your settings right.

Take lots of spare memory cards

Nothing can spoil a camping trip like not having enough of the essentials. That rings especially true when you are talking about memory. Imagine setting up the perfect photo only to have the warning that you are out of memory!

Make sure to pack more than you think you need. They take up so little space that it doesn’t make sense to not have enough.

Get creative

It’s good to have your shots planned out, but be ready for the unexpected, too. Get creative and have fun!

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