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Travel Photographer

Travel Photographer of the Year 2023

The winner of the Travel Photographer of the Year 2023 competition has been announced.

Andreja Ravnak, an architect from Slovenia who dedicates all her free time to photographing landscapes, claimed the title. For the competition, she submitted a series featuring the undulating fields of Italy and the Czech Republic. While the landscapes themselves might not be extraordinary, it is the perspective, natural conditions, light, and mood that make all the difference. This is what distinguishes a true master from an amateur.

In Slovenia, AndreJa holds the title of Master of Photography, and she is the recipient of numerous international photography awards. She often collaborates as a jury member in domestic and international projects. In addition, she is the photo editor for the Slovenian edition of the magazine Digital Camera. She occasionally gives lectures, and she lead a local photography club for seniors, works in the organization of photography contests and exhibitions, and is part of a team that prepares photographic trips around Europe. “I love my work immensely. I am still looking for a recipe for how to make a day last 48 hours.”

You can view photographs of winners in other categories on the competition’s website.

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