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Latvia to Suspend Rail Passenger Service

Taking into account the decision made by the Cabinet of Ministers ( Latvia ) on Saturday, March 14, to close the state border for international passenger transportation in connection with measures to halt the spread of Covid-19, all international passenger transportation conducted by SIA Ldz Cargo and SIA L-Ekspresis will be suspended. 

Pending further decisions by the Cabinet of Ministers regarding the state of emergency, SIA LDZ Cargo and SIA L-Ekspresis are suspending international passenger transportation to and from Moscow and St. Petersburg. Furthermore, there will be no passenger transportation on the route Minsk-Riga and Kyiv-Minsk-Vilnius-Riga.

  • Train No.1 Moscow-Riga will depart from Moscow on March 15 and arrive in Riga on March 16, all subsequent trains have been cancelled. 
  • The group of rail wagons on the St Petersburg-Riga route will depart from St Petersburg on March 15 and arrive in Riga on March 16, further departures have been cancelled.
  • Train No 87/88 Minsk-Riga will arrive in Riga for the last time and return to Minsk on the evening of March 15. 
  • Train No.32 Kyiv-Minsk-Vilnius-Riga has already been suspended.

Passengers who have purchased tickets on routes operated by SIA LDZ Cargo and L-SIA Ekspresis will be reimbursed for the travel documents without any commission for the return of the tickets.

Latvia will go into an effective national lockdown on Tuesday, March 17 when it closes its international borders to all organized passenger traffic on land, sea and air, following further anti-coronavirus measures announced March 14.

It will still be possible to travel within the European Union on a private basis (e.g. in a private car), as the right to free movement is enshrined in EU law, though leaving the country is not recommended at the moment. Latvia’s external EU border with Russia and Belarus will be shut to both organized public transport and private transport, however.

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