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S7 Airlines Launched the First Space Alien Show

S7 Airlines

S7 Airlines has launched the first space alien video series, “Visit the Earth.” Six, topic-related episodes will be shown on the company’s YouTube channel each week. In November, this novel Earth travel guide will be sent into space in coded format.

Each episode will be a unique, documentary guide that will tell a story with humor about the main places and features of our planet. Topics of the series are: Nature, Food, Love, Parties, Sport, Art — all the best things that are possible to see, try, and experience on the Earth, i.e. six reasons to set off on a journey. Dmitry Syenduk became the show’s main host, narrating all six episodes.

Our planet is the Universe’s best place for travel. There are so many things here worth seeing, hearing, or experiencing, yet inhabitants of the Earth stop taking note of them during their busy daily lives. S7 Airlines has created a series whose challenge is to remind everyone that the joy of discovery can be found even in everyday trivia. The series demonstrates how amazing our world can be if we just stop for a second to observe it carefully.

The space alien show was shot over the course of six weeks in our planet’s most beautiful places: Spain, Thailand, Italy, Japan, and of course, in Russia (Sochi and St. Petersburg). The project’s idea belongs to the creative advertising agency, Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam, and completed in collaboration with the young Canadian director, Mackenzie Sheppard, winner of the prize, Young Director Awards, at the Cannes Film Festival in 2016.

You can already watch the first episode of “Visit the Earth” S7 Airlines’ YouTube channel at the link.

After the release of all episodes, the YouTube series will be sent into space. The show will be transmitted via the RT 7.5 radio telescope and a specially developed transmitter. It is expected that the signal will reach even the furthest object of the Solar System, discovered literally in the last few days — the planet “2015 TG387,” located at a distance of 80 astronomical units from the Sun.

Every inhabitant of the planet can become a coauthor of the Earth’s travel guide. The best recommendations of the Earth’s inhabitants for the most interesting places and sights will be collected on the visitearth.s7.ru web site, and published in social media with the hashtags #посетитеземлю and #visitearth. The most active coauthors will be awarded the official status of Ambassador of the Earth.

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