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Venice Entrance Fee to Be Introduced in 2024

The city government of Venice has announced the dates in 2024 when tourists will be required to pay the previously announced Venice entrance fee. According to CNN, this fee will be applicable for 29 days from April to mid-July 2024. Specifically, visitors will need to pay if they enter the city for a single day between April 26 and May 5, and thereafter, the fee will be charged every Saturday and Sunday until July 14. This period is considered the peak tourist season for Venice.

Venice entrance fee, a fixed amount of 5 euros, will be applied to all individuals entering the city without a reservation for an overnight stay (or exemption) from 8:30 AM to 4:00 PM. The program will be managed through an online platform that generates tickets with QR codes confirming payment or exemption. Payment kiosks will also be available in the city.

All visitors, including those eligible for fee exemptions, must complete online registration starting from January 16, 2024. The fee is applicable to all tourists aged 14 and older who do not stay overnight in the city. Even overnight guests must register online to receive a QR code confirming their exemption.

Exemptions from the Venice entrance fee will be granted to:

  • Residents of the city and individuals born in Venice
  • Property owners in the city
  • Students and people working in Venice
  • Those visiting the city for business or short-term education
  • Tourists staying overnight in the city, as they already pay a city tax
  • Tourists staying overnight in the Venice municipality outside the city
  • Children under 14 and individuals with disabilities along with their caregivers.

There will be seven main access and ticket-checking points, including the airport, railway and bus stations, Fusina port, as well as the Fondamente Nove and Riva deli Schiavoni embankments where numerous boats dock. The city government mentioned that these will not be the only checkpoints, but the locations of others are currently unclear.

Penalties for non-payment of the fee will range from 50 to 300 euros per person.

Tourists heading to two popular beach destinations next year will face increased expenses. Greece and Tunisia have introduced bills proposing a higher accommodation tax. Meanwhile, in the Spanish region of Valencia, they’re bucking the trend.


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