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Valencia Is Home to the Cheapest Beer New Study Says

Valencia is home to the cheapest beer, with a pint costing an average of €2.20. Using sources such as TripAdvisor and AirDNA, The team at OLBG have created the European Nightlife Index, and ranked the best party capitals in Europe based on hotel prices, safety scores, the cost of domestic beer, the number of bars and nightclubs, taxi prices, and the number of casinos in each city.

Valencia’s local beer is called Turia Marzen, named after the river flowing through the city. It’s a Bavarian-style lager made with toasted malt. Other locally brewed beers included Tyris, La Socarrada, and Er Boqueron.

Cheapest Beer
Cheapest beer in Europe

In second place is Bratislava, where the average cost of a pint is just over £2 (€2.40). Bratislava has a strong beer culture, with the first mention of beer production dating back to 1477. The most popular beer in Slovakia is Zlatý Bažant, brewed in Hurbanovo, a small town southeast of the capital. Despite not being brewed in the capital, the large population of gold pheasants in Bratislava inspired the name of this beer.

Our top three is completed by Prague, where domestic beer costs just £2.13 (€2.45) per pint. The most well-known beer local to Prague is Staropramen, typically served in a tankard glass. Other popular choices include Černý, a dark lager, and Ležák, a lager made from aromatic hops.

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