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Valencia and Cagliari Are Finalists for the European Green Capital 2024

Valencia (Spain) and Cagliari (Italy) became finalists for the title of European Green Capital 2024.

Cagliari (Italy) has been particularly successful in the “sustainable” use of land and water. Cagliari is the leader in Italy in terms of the area of ​​”green” zones that fall on one person, and the city’s wastewater is used to irrigate greenery in public gardens. In addition, citizens participate in “green” initiatives. 

Valencia (Spain) has shown itself well in the fight against water pollution and the conservation of biodiversity. In particular, the city has been noted for the creation and protection of “green” spaces, such as the Albufera Natural Park and the Turia Garden.

Since 2010, the European Commission has awarded the title of Green Capital of Europe to cities with a population of more than 100,000 people. Cities are judged by an international jury of sustainability experts. Candidate cities with a population of more than 100,000 are evaluated against 12 criteria, including air and water quality, biodiversity maintenance, the development of “green” urban transport and “sustainable” development. In 2023, Tallinn will become the Green Capital of Europe.

Three European cities have also been shortlisted for the European Green Leaf 2024. These are Helsinger (Denmark), Velenje (Slovenia) and Bistrica (Romania).

This title is awarded according to the same scheme as the title of the Green Capital, but cities with no more than 50 thousand people can apply for it. In 2022, the Portuguese city of Valongu and the Dutch city of Winterswijk hold this title.

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