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Helsinki Airport

Turkish Airlines Introduces Baggage Fees for Economy Class

Turkish Airlines, Turkey’s largest carrier, has waived free baggage allowance in economy class for tickets at the lowest EcoFly fare. Now the cheapest economy class ticket only includes 8 kg of hand luggage and one small personal item.

The cheapest economy class ticket now only includes the carriage of 8 kg of hand luggage with dimensions up to 55x40x23 cm and one personal item with dimensions up to 40x30x15 cm. A personal item means a camera, camcorder, small hand bag or laptop.

In addition, the option to choose a seat in advance was removed from the EcoFly fare. Now you will need to pay extra for this, otherwise, the seat will be assigned randomly during check-in for the flight.

At the same time, it is not possible to return or exchange a ticket for the cheapest economy class ticket even with the payment of a fine.

The next-class ExtraFly fare for medium-haul flights, which includes free baggage allowance weighing up to 23 kg and the possibility of choosing a seat in advance, costs only 10 euros more than EcoFly.

The new rules are so far only for medium-haul international flights, on long-haul flights of the Turkish air carrier, baggage is included in all-economy class fares.


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