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Turkey to Launch Second Airline for Russian Tourists

The Turkish Civil Aviation Authority has issued a preliminary permit to Mavi Gok Aviation (MGA), based in Antalya.

An airline called MGA Aviation has already received prior permission from the Turkish Civil Aviation Authority. Four aircraft will be used for the flights: two Boeing 737-900 and two Boeing 777.

Mavi Gök Aviation (MGA) was established and started to play an active role in the Aviation business in March 2007. MGA has been a growing company by developing itself since its establishment. Having started operations with only 3 aircraft in 2010, MGA grew to a fleet size of 15 aircraft by the end of 2015. In 2016, Azur Air Russia and Azur Air Ukraine were established under their own AOCs.

Previously, the airline was reported that with the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the sanctions put into effect against Russia have also been implemented by Azur Aviation and as of the moment the sanctions came into force, all services provided to Azur Air LLC and any other Russian Airline have been terminated by Azur Aviation.

Since the trade name served for Azur air LLC and Azur Air Ukraine Airlines LLC was the same as Azur Aviation, we reverted our old trade name “Mavi Gök Aviation” (MGA) on April 11,2022 to avoid any misunderstandings.

A new airline, which the Turkish government is creating to carry Russian tourists to Turkey’s resorts, will start work in May. The company will be named Southwind and initially operate five Airbus planes.

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