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Blue Air Announces New Routes from Turin

Blue Air enhances its operations in Italy by allocating an additional aircraft to its Turin base, effective September 2020. Blue Air will introduce three new routes from Turin and will increase current flight frequencies on domestic routes.

The airline upgrades its offer of 7 domestic routes (2 New) from Turin with a double daily service to Catania, a daily service to Lamezia Terme and new services to Bari (New) and Cagliari (New), in addition to the existing service to Naples, Alghero and Trapani.

Blue Air will fly to 8 destinations from / to its Turin base, according to the following schedule:

Turin – Catania 13 flights / week ADDITIONAL FREQUENCY

Turin – Lamezia 7 flights / week ADDITIONAL FREQUENCY

Turin – Bari 6 flights / week NEW ROUTE

Turin – Cagliari 4 fights / week NEW ROUTE

Turin – Naples 4 flights/ week ADDITIONAL FREQUENCY

Turin – Alghero 3 flights/ week ADDITIONAL FREQUENCY

Turin – Trapani 2 flights/ week

Turin – Bacau 3 flights/ week NEW ROUTE from October 1st

“We are happy to announce the expansion of our operations in Turin as part of Blue Air’s strategy to offer ever-better connectivity between key regions in Italy. Since 2015, Blue Air has continuously invested in the Turin market, consolidating its operations on the local base and achieving a sustainable growth of its customer base and local expertise. By allocating two aircraft to our Turin base, we are now further developing our local network, introducing new routes and supplementing our flights between Italy’ s most sought-after destinations. Italy is a core market for us, and Blue Air is restating its commitment to the Italian travelers by quickly adapting to the growing demand for domestic travel and by offering more connectivity at best-in-class service and fair prices. At the same time, we respond to the extensive demand for regional connection between Moldova and Northern Italy by reintroducing the Bacau-Turin route from October 1st”. says Oana Petrescu, Blue Air CEO.

With the lifting of travel restrictions to the UK, Spain, Italy and Belgium, Blue Air announces the resumption of scheduled flights to most of its traditional destinations.

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