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Traveling to Singapore? Here Are Tips to Finding the Best Casino

Are you a gambler who is planning to travel to Singapore? One of the most common concerns of gamblers, whenever they are to visit a foreign country, is if they can visit a casino or a betting site. After all, gambling laws and specific regulations are different for each country. The good news is that in Singapore, gambling is considered legal, only with a lot of strict regulations to follow.

If you are out trying to find the most recommended casinos in Singapore for travelers, there are a few things that you would want to consider that can help you out on your search.

Here are some of them:

Check for registrations and government permits

Although Singapore allows online betting as a legally accepted activity, there are very strict rules surrounding it. Currently, people are only allowed to do online gambling through exempt operators. There are only two online casino operators that have been given exempt certifications under the Remote Gambling Act: Singapore Pools and Singapore Turf Club.

This means to say that all other online betting sites that you can find in Singapore are considered illegal if they are not from the above mentioned two operators. Still, despite this, there are a lot of unregistered sites and apps that you can find.

However, playing through them comes with a lot of risks. First of all, they might be a fake one that is only out to steal your money. Secondly, while they may be an honest company doping honest work although not legally recognized, you could still get in trouble in another way–the law. If discovered, the site can be closed down right away and all your money that was given to the site and all winnings would be part of what would be seized for evidence. You can even get arrested without a warrant for illegal online gambling.

Read online reviews

They say that in a foreign land, you would benefit from having a friend. As a bettor, this is true if you are looking to gamble in a foreign country. Since you know nothing about the way things work there, you can turn to reviews of other players.

Reading these personal accounts and testimonials can help you decided which site or place to go to. Of course, you would pick a top-rated one and perhaps one that is highly recommended both by locals and tourists alike.

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Always take advantage of bonuses

You are a new player in Singapore. No matter how much experience you may have from where you came from, you are “new” when you come to another country. What do newbies get from online betting sites? They get bonuses, and they get a lot of them!

You might be overwhelmed with the number of freebies and bonuses you can be given. Although these bonuses may come with strict wagering requirements–it is always better to check this under the terms and conditions–a free play is a free play and no free chance deserves to be put to waste by not being played.

So, do not worry about any technicalities and just play. If you don’t end up winning anything using the bonuses and freebies, consider yourself still lucky to have more playtime and for being more entertained that what your money would have originally gotten you.

Before you go

Gambling is fun, especially if it is in a foreign country–it can be a whole new experience for you! Just remember, though, to always stay as a responsible gambler and always make sure that you only play on legally recognized places and sites. This is for your safety and the security of your money, too.

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