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Transavia to Add Nine Summer Destinations in Brussels

Next summer, Transavia will offer nine destinations from Brussels: Alicante and Ibiza in Spain, Verona in Italy, Corfu, Heraklion and Thessaloniki in Greece, Tel Aviv in Israel, Agadir in Morocco and Faro in Portugal. Tickets with departure from Brussels can be booked from 3 December.

“We continue to look for opportunities to strengthen our position,” said Erik-Jan Gelink, commercial director of Transavia. Our research indicates that there is a gap in the market from Brussels for low –cost leisure travel which Transavia can fill. A significant part of our current customers and our existing B2B customers already come from Belgium and the southern Netherlands. That is why we see starting routes from Brussels as a great step to continue to meet our customers’ needs in Belgium and the Netherlands with a number of fantastic destinations.”

Spain and Italy

Alicante and Ibiza in Spain, for example, are popular destinations with the Mediterranean climate, beautiful surroundings, delicious food and stunning beaches. Verona in Italy is the city of Romeo and Juliet! And this romantic city also has a place on the World Heritage List of UNESCO. The popular Lake Garda is less than half an hour away.

Greece and Israel

And then there are three top destinations in Greece. With the infinite number of islands, the azure blue sea, the always warm climate, the enormous history and culture, this is a country that many have already embraced in their hearts. Tel Aviv in Israel is not only a great destination for a city trip but also a coastal town with beautiful white sandy beaches on the crystal-clear water.

Morocco and Portugal

Agadir is located on the west side of Morocco: the perfect starting point for a trip through the Atlas Mountains. But Agadir itself is a dazzling place to be. The well-known crescent-shaped bay with sandy beaches and a bustling boulevard are a must-see. Finally, Faro is the “gateway” to the beautiful Algarve region, situated on perhaps the most beautiful coast in Europe. Wide golden beaches located on rugged rocks, picturesque Portuguese towns, delicious fish restaurants and a fantastic climate; it is everything that the Algarve is so famous for.

The tickets to these destinations can be booked from today for the 2020 summer season via the Transavia website. The first flight will depart on 30th March.

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