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Lake Maggiore

Tourist Boat Sinks on Lake Maggiore

A tragedy has occurred in northern Italy. Due to strong winds, a boat capsized and sank on a lake, carrying approximately 25 people. This information is reported by the BBC.

According to the latest information from rescuers, three bodies have been recovered so far. One person is still missing.

Reportedly, the boat was 16 meters long and rented by tourists. According to media reports, there were 25 individuals on board who were celebrating a birthday when the boat capsized and subsequently sank. Everyone on board ended up in the water, but many passengers managed to swim to the shore or were rescued by other boats.

Currently, divers and rescue helicopters have been deployed in search of the missing person. The tragedy took place on Lake Maggiore, located on the southern side of the Alps. The lake spans across Italy and Switzerland and is a popular tourist destination.

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