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Top 10 Best Small Cities for Living

The Portuguese city of Porto is ranked first in the Small Cities Index, which ranks relatively small cities in terms of the convenience of living in them.

The rating is made by the British magazine Monocle. He assesses cities with a population of up to 250 thousand people from all over the world according to 5 criteria: transport accessibility of the city (how easy it is to get there, for example, for tourists), management efficiency (how much the mayor’s office listens to residents), the friendliness of residents to new neighbors, “green” infrastructure (are there many parks, squares and so on in the city) and business development opportunities.

The second place in the ranking this year was the Belgian Leuven, and the Japanese city of Itoshima closes the top three. Among the representatives of the European Union, the top ten also included the city of Bolzano in northern Italy (in 8th place) and Danish Aalborg (in 9th place).

The 10 best small cities to move to in 2021:

  1. Porto, Portugal
  2. Leuven, Belgium
  3. Itoshima, Japan
  4. Lucerne, Switzerland
  5. Victoria, Canada
  6. Lausanne, Switzerland
  7. Basel, Switzerland
  8. Bolzano, Italy
  9. Aalborg, Denmark
  10. Bergen, Norway



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