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Jimbaran Bali

The Things That Make Jimbaran Stand Out

Bali is a favourite travel destination for many people from across the world because of its beauty, places to visit, amazing beaches, wonderful people, culture and luxurious resorts and hotels. One particular place in Bali that attracts most visitors is Jimbaran.

Famed for its inviting coastline, Jimbaran is only twenty five minutes away from the airport and besides the inviting coastline, many people come here for many other things such as watching the sunset from some of the most amazing local viewpoints, the friendly beaches, touring the undiscovered coves, surfing and much more.

People visiting Jimbaran and want to enjoy everything that the island has to offer have the opportunity of staying in some of the best resorts that come with excellent facilities. You can enjoy the luxuries of beach club Bali among many others and when you need a change from the luxury, you can head out to check the beauty of Jimbaran that you is incomparable to any other places.


Places to visit in Jimbaran

·        Hidden beaches

Bali is a wonderful island with a number of beautiful beaches. One would assume that all the beaches are easy to find but there are hidden beaches with some not bearing any names. These beaches are just as beautiful as all the rest and they make great hideaways for people looking to have privacy.

Some of the most popular hidden beaches are Belangan Beach and Blue Point Beach. If you want to get away to any of the Jimbaran hidden beaches, liaise with the resort you to get a local guide.

·        Abandoned plane

One of the most mysterious things you should see while in Jimbaran is the abandoned Boeing 737. What makes the presence of the plane even more interesting and mysterious is the history of the plane ending up at that site. Stories about the plane differ from person to person. Claims to the plane also differ which makes its presence even more bizarre. Taking the trip to go and see the plane however is worth your time in Jimbaran.

·        Fish market

One of the favourite Balinese cuisines is seafood. At Jimbaran, there is a huge fish market, Kedonganan that has a range of different kinds of fish ranging from shrimp, lobster, crab and many others. The busy morning market is one of the best places to visit if you want to learn more about the Balinese lifestyle and fishing culture.

·        Kecak dance

Another favourite thing to watch while in Jimbaran is end your evening by watching the ceremony of the Kecak fire dance. With the beautiful scenery of the sunset meting into the blue ocean and the wonderful relaxing dance, you can relax and enjoy the spectacle without the need to hurry back home. This is something you can do for the whole visit because it leaves you feeling good and relaxed.

·        Pottery making

One of the best experiences you can leave the island with is by learning something about the people of Bali. One of their favourite passions is pottery making and you can learn this impressive skill from instructors at the Jenggala Keramik Gallery.

The highly experienced instructors will teach you everything you need to know about ceramics and how to decorate anything you want to give out as a souvenir or a gift. Everything in the gallery is handmade and of very high quality. The gallery does not discriminate on age, so you can tag your kids along too to learn some pot decorating.

·        Beaches

Some of the best beaches in Bali are in Jimbaran. These include Jimbaran bay, Tegal Wangi Beach, Jimbaran Beach, Kelang Beach and many more. Some of the best beach club Bali resorts are also in these beaches. One such example is the Kubu Beach Club, located in one of the hidden coves.

The club which you can only access using the Ayana inclinator or by taking a 197 step journey is not only breath-taking but also offers relaxation, and great food. The club is accessible only to guests staying at the Ayana Resort and Spa.

Wrapping it up

Besides the above places to visit, staying in some of the best resorts and hotels in Jimbaran also gives you the opportunity to take care of your health and wellness. This is because Jimbaran has some of the best spa and wellness centres in Bali. with all these the real beauty of Jimbaran bay lies in the beaches, the people of bali and the food not to mention the luxurious resorts and the amazing coastline.

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