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Bali to Ban Tourists from Riding Motorbikes

Bali has decided to ban foreign tourists from traveling on motorbikes on the island after a series of accidents, including those with fatal consequences.

The local governor, Wayan Koster, made such a statement yesterday.

Now foreigners can use only those types of transport that are prepared by tourist services and meet certain standards “to ensure quality and decent tourism”.

Currently, it is not entirely clear how the ban will work. However, Koster is calling on the Justice Department to allow visa cancellations for foreign tourists who are caught riding motorcycles or if they commit other crimes, such as working illegally or abusing residency permits.

Recently, the number of traffic accidents involving foreigners on motorbikes has increased in Bali. So, in February, the police detained a Russian tourist who was riding a motorcycle while drunk and crashed into a local driver, as a result of which he was hospitalized.

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