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The European Union Considers Making Carry-On Baggage Free on All Airlines

The European Union is contemplating the possibility of making the carriage of carry-on baggage free of charge on flights operated by all airlines. This decision comes as a unanimous resolution was adopted by the European Parliament’s Committee on Petitions. A formal vote on this matter is scheduled for October.

The resolution urges airlines from all 27 European countries to ensure that passengers have the option to bring carry-on baggage onto the aircraft at no additional cost.

As far back as 2014, the European Court had ruled that passengers should not be charged for carry-on baggage. The ruling emphasized that reasonably sized and weighted carry-on baggage is an integral part of air travel. However, this decision has yet to be fully implemented, with many airlines continuing to impose fees for carry-on baggage.

The prospect of making carry-on baggage free on all flights has garnered support from passengers and consumer advocacy groups alike. If the resolution is approved in the upcoming vote, it could mark a significant step towards ensuring fair and transparent pricing practices in the airline industry across the European Union.

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