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Airport Parking

The Cost of Airport Parking Across Europe

Interested in airport parking, RusTourismNews.com has found out what it will cost for an hour of parking at the busiest airport in 36 EU and non-EU countries of Europe.

The problem is the same across all Europe: parking in the centre of big busy cities puts money on the clock.

One hour of parking – how much does it cost? We have selected an hour of parking, it provides enough time to collect without rushing or being too cautious on time.

Cost of Airport Parking

Tallinn Airport

‘Kiss & Fly’ parking area in Tallinn Airport is open on the 0-floor inside the parking house. The first 15 minutes of stay in the parking area is free. Long stay car park – 2€ per hour.

Stockholm Airport

Stockholm Airport Parking has 22,000 parking spaces to properly leave your car and take your flight.  The options for parking close to the terminals are either to park in the multi-storey car parks close to terminals 2, 3, 4 and 5 or to park at the SkyCity car parking garage. Short Term Parking – 7.6€ per hour.

Heathrow Airport

Find Heathrow Short Stay Parking right next to every terminal. It’s ideal for meeting or dropping off passengers and a great option for short trips away. Short Term Parking – 9.15€ per hour.

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Charles-de-Gaulle Airport

Drop-off “Départ minute” T2E, Arrivée minute” T2E

Stops in front of the terminals are prohibited outside the parking spaces located in the Terminal Parking or the drop-off. The terminals drop-off are open parking near the departure and arrival terminals. 10 minutes maximum, €1 for the 11th minute, then €0.50 for each additional minute. Parking for over one hour is prohibited and may lead to towing.

Orly Airport

Orly Departure terminal parking: 6.80€ per hour.

Brussels Zaventem

Parking in Kiss&Ride zone -4€ per hour.

Václav Havel Airport Prague

First 15 minutes at the Express car parks is free of charge. Free parking will only be available once every 24 hours. Longer than 15-minute stays are subject to a charge of 4 for the first 16 to 30 minutes and an additional 4€ for each commenced 30-minute interval. Parking at car parks with short-term parking tariffs will cost you 2.4€ per hour.

Copenhagen Airport

At all Copenhagen Airport car parks close to the terminals in the Standard and Direct categories, the hourly rate is 6.7€ per hour.

Helsinki Airport

At all Helsinki Airport car parks close to the terminals the hourly rate is 6€ per hour.

Helsinki Airport

Luxembourg Airport

Parking at Luxembourg Airport starting from 4.5€ per hour at open-air parking to 8€ per hour indoor. Free 30 minute parking is offered to customers shopping (for minimum € 6,-) at: Oberweis shop, Sandwiches & Cie, Starbucks and Comptoir du Bon Pays. Free 2 hour parking is offered to all customers dining at Oberweis restaurant and customers who spend over €50 at Aelia shop in the public area.

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

Schiphol P1 Short Term Parking 1 hour – 6€ per hour.

Vienna Airport

Up to 10 min in the departure zone of Vienna Airport is free, 1 hour in the multi-storey car park is 4.7€ per hour, 1 hour in car park C is 3.9€ per hour, 1 hour in short-term car park K3 arrivals is 5€ per hour.

Zurich Airport

Up to 5 min in the departure zone of Zurich Airport is free, 1 hour in short-term parking zone will cost 18.5€ per hour.

Bratislava Airport

Passenger pick up/drop off facility on the drive-through road in front of the terminal complex and FREE OF CHARGE. 1 hour in Parking 1 and 2 costs 5€ per hour. People with disabilities are offered two hours of parking free of charge.

Brussels Airport

Budapest Airport

Up to 5 min in the departure zone of Budapest Airport is free, 1 hour in Terminal Parking will cost 4€ per hour and 7.5€ per hour at Terminal 2.

Barcelona El Prat

Barcelona airport has nearly 20,000 parking spaces, of which 12,000 are in the parking lots of the T1 and 8,600 in the T2. 1 hour will cost 3.3€ per hour.

Oslo Airport

Short term parking at Oslo Airport costs 3€ per 20 min and 6€ per hour.

Athens Airport

Short term parking at Athens Airport costs 3.8€ per hour.

Lisbon Airport

At Lisbon Airport there is a range of parking options with a varying pricing structure according to how close to the terminal you choose to park. There is no stopping allowed directly outside the departures and arrivals halls at Terminal 1, but there are clearly signed “Kiss & Fly” zones at both terminals where you can stop for ten minutes free of charge. After 15 minutes each additional 5 minutes costs €2.00. Short term parking starts at 3€ per hour.

Madrid Airport

Madrid Airport disposes of seven public parking areas, situated in the buildings of terminals T1, T2 – T3 and T4, referred to as P1, P2, P4, Express parking, Long-Stay parking and Vip Car Park. T1 is the best option for companions, who bring or pick up passengers to/from the airport because they pay per minute. Short term parking starts from 3.3€ per hour.

Dublin Airport

The normal daily parking charge for the Short Term car park is €40.00 per day or €3 for the first hour and €4.50 per hour.

airport Prague
photo by pragueairport.co.uk

Zagreb Airport

The Kiss & Fly drop-off point at Zagreb Airport provides passenger’s direct access to the Passenger Terminal Building, which quickly guides them to the airport Departures area. First 10 minutes is free, 1 hour in the car park cost 3.6€ per hour.

Rome Fiumicino Airport 

2,000 covered and 2,000 uncovered car parking spaces are available, also for short term parking needs. In front of the Terminals on both the Arrivals and Departures levels, indicated by blue lines on the pavement, there are Maximum One Hour Parking spaces. While parked, it is necessary to clearly display the 3 euro payment receipt in the windshield.

Riga International Airport

Riga International Airport invites you to leave your car in the short-term car park (P1) or in one of the two long-term car parks (P2 and P3) situated within a few minutes’ walking distance from the airport terminal. Short-Term Parking Rates: first 10 min – free of charge; till 30 min – 2.00€; for each 30 min – 1.50€.

Vilnius Airport

The car parking service in the central area located near the arrival terminal is provided free of charge for the first 15 minutes. Short-term parking costs 2.5€ per hour.

Warsaw Chopin Airport

Chopin Airport offers travellers 3240 parking spaces (P1, P2, P4, Premium, BUS) and 89 spaces in Kiss&Fly Zone. On two lanes in front of the departure hall, you can find Kiss & Fly Zone, which is a place for a short stop for private vehicles. The first seven minutes are free. Car park tariff for P1 and P2 car parks – 2.4€ per hour.

Malta Airport

The car parking service in the central area located near the arrival terminal is provided free of charge for the first 10 minutes. Short-term parking costs 2€ per 1 hour.

Bristol Airport

If you are dropping off and will be longer than 10 minutes, we recommend that you try the Short Stay and Pick Up car park.  Alternatively, you can take advantage of our Waiting Zone car park that allows up to 1 hour free.

Sofia Airport

The public unguarded car parks at Sofia Airport are open 24 hours a day. They are situated right in front of the terminal buildings. The car park in front of Terminal 1 is outdoors, with 400 spaces. Terminal 2 has a parking garage, which linked to the public areas of Departures and Arrivals through a covered corridor. Its capacity is 800 spaces. Short-term parking costs 1.55€ per 1 hour.

Ljubljana Airport

The multi-storey car park at Ljubljana Airport costs 2.5 € per hour, open-air parking P1- 2 € per hour.

Bucharest Henri Coanda International Airport

Parking at Bucharest Henri Coanda International Airport costs 1.26€ per hour.

Keflavik Airport

Keflavik Airport short-stay car park is convenient when you’re just picking up or dropping off. The first 15 minutes are free! The first hour costs 3.65€ per hour.

Nice Côte d’Azur Airport

Short-term parking costs 4.3€ per hour.

Istanbul Airport

Istanbul Airport has the world’s largest multi-storey car park to be built under a single roof with a total capacity of 40.000 vehicles. Parking at Istanbul Airport costs 2.4€ per hour.

Boryspil International Airport

In Boryspil International Airport you can use one of the parking areas located at the airport. The first 10 minutes of parking are free of charge at all parking areas. Parking fees starting from 0.57€ /hour.

National Airport Minsk

The parking in a long-term lot will cost 0.77€ per hour.

Skopje International Airport

Skopje International Airport has its own parking lot for 1200 vehicles. First 10 minutes in Hug& Fly zone is free of charge, 1 hour in Short Term Parking lot costs 1.3€ per hour.

Moldova wine airport

Chisinau Airport

Chisinau International Airport customers are able to use 4 levels of parking with a capacity of 800 lots, being located in front of the Terminal. The fees for using the parking services: 0 – 15 minutes – free, 1 hour– 0.52€ per hour.

Belgrade Airport

Belgrade Airport has two outdoor passenger dedicated car parking lots and a garage. Parking fee in garage or outdoor parking lot: 0.85€ per hour.

Sarajevo Airport

The options for parking close to the Sarajevo Airport terminals are either to park in the car park for 1.54€ per hour or in the Kiss&Fly zone for 5.13€ for 45 min.

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