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SunExpress Updated Mobile App

The latest version of the SunExpress mobile app allows passengers to access quickly and easily everything they need for their flights during the pandemic and plan their trips according to their preferences.

SunExpress passengers can easily manage their reservations by receiving all the notifications about take-off and landing via the SunExpress mobile app and use their mobile boarding pass for contact-free boarding. With the app, passengers can access blockbuster movies, popular TV shows, a wide range of music playlists, newspaper and magazine options, flight information, and an interactive 3D map by connecting to the SunExpress in-flight entertainment system with one click during their flight. The mobile app also offers many services, including flight reservations, extra luggage, seat selection, pre-ordering meals, online check-in, and access real-time information. Also, passengers can use the app to register to SunExpress’ loyalty program, which makes them earn Points on each flight, and manage their profile by viewing all the Points they earned, as well as collect and transfer Points.

As an innovative carrier, SunExpress ensures that its passengers have a smooth travel experience from beginning to end. The airline offers its passengers the opportunity to easily access real-time information about their flights anytime and anywhere, especially during the pandemic, and make their trips even faster and easier.

Passengers can download the latest version of the SunExpress mobile app from their smart devices with IOS or Android operating systems.

New tickets with maximum flexibility: As of now and up to and including 31 October 2020, SunExpress offers free rebooking options for passengers to all flights to/from Izmir and to all Anatolian destinations. 

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