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Stellantis Announces Launch of Stellantis & You, Sales and Services

Stellantis announces the launch of Stellantis & You, Sales and Services, the new commercial name of Stellantis’ retail division – a result of the February 2021 merger of PSA Retail (ex Groupe PSA owned retail division), with Motor Village (ex FCA Group owned retail division).

The new name will foster the sense of belonging of the 11,300 collaborators of Stellantis & You, Sales and Services and helps to present the network strength and specific offer to final customers in the 12 countries where it operates (Europe and Morocco), under one single and ambitious banner*.

New state-of-the-art digital marketplace

The new site stellantisandyou.com is the digital one-stop-shop where customers will find the complete suite of Stellantis & You, Sales and Services covering new car and used cars sales, aftersales services and rent, in only a few clicks.

It also encompasses a hassle free “e-reservation” function, where the customer can reserve a car for three days. This function will be available in France by November 25, 2021 and then progressively in the other countries.

The site design proudly displays the new name and identity of Stellantis & You Sales and Services with a new tone and style epitomizing user-centricity and know-how, the key axes underlying the development of this new digital flagship.

“Our new name bears a deep meaning and an aspirational promise for our collaborators and in the benefit of our customers,” said Anne Abboud, Senior Vice-President of Stellantis & You, Sales and Services. “All of our collaborators are eager to serve our customers at the level they deserve, with a human approach that characterizes a landmark quality of service.”

People centricity for an aspirational name

Stellantis & You, Sales and Services epitomizes the fact that the entity is the “B2C division” of excellence inside Stellantis. It also highlights the “highly people-centric approach” the entity wants to develop in its relationship with all stakeholders, from customers to collaborators, throughout both the physical and digital channels.

The selection of the name, Stellantis & You, Sales and Services, expresses its eagerness to spearhead automotive distribution everywhere it operates, by being resolutely benchmark in quality of service and leading the way of sectorial innovation.

An ambitious roadmap: anticipating the customer’s behavioral changes and spearheading the energy transition

Stellantis & You, Sales and Services, the second largest automotive distribution company in Europe, sets ambitious goals on its road toward 2030, with two main strategic pillars: anticipating and accompanying the customer’s behavioural changes and spearheading the energy transformation.

The owned retail company of Stellantis intends to reach 25% of online sales by 2030 alongside with best in class e-reputation results, to accompany customers in their new consuming journey.

Stellantis & You, Sales and Services has the goal to improve online sales and services, enhance its profitability by 50%, while equally decreasing its physical footprint by the end of the decade.

To meet the needs of present customers and fulfil the hopes of future generations, Stellantis & You, Sales and Services will spearhead the energy transition in sales and aftersales linked to the electrification of vehicle ranges, meanwhile reaching carbon neutrality by 2030.

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