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Russian Railways Setting Up Digital Transport and Logistics Hubs

A round table has been held to discuss The Unified Digital Platform of Russia’s Transport Complex. The main topic on the agenda was on increasing the efficiency and quality of customer service through the introduction of IT innovations in transport and logistics.

0 ba691 47dba00b origThe round table was held within the framework of the International Transport and Logistics Forum PRO//Motion.1520, which took place in Sochi on 3 October 2018.

Yevgeny Charkin, Director of Information Technologies at Russian Railways, noted in his speech that the Company was already implementing a number of initiatives to develop digital technologies and platform solutions in the key areas of its activities. In particular, the development of a digital platform for organising and monitoring freight traffic and customer services is underway.

The Russian Railways holding is also implementing an initiative to create digital transport and logistics hubs. Introducing information technologies into the transport and logistics complex will increase its efficiency by synchronising the plans of all participants in the supply chain, improving information exchange and forecasting traffic etc.

On the eve of the International Transport and Logistics Forum PRO//Dvizhenie.1520, OJSC Russian Railways and JSC Freight Village Kaluga signed an agreement on cooperation to implement the Digital Container Terminal project. This project envisages the integration of the technological processes at the terminal and on the railways, terminal automation, and the expansion of electronic document management in the organisation of container shipments.

The Director for Information Technologies at OJSC Russian Railways reminded the round table that in July 2017 the government approved the programme entitled The Digital Economy of the Russian Federation. Its implementation is intended to promote the development of the digital economy, in which data in digital form are a key factor of production in all spheres of social and economic activity.

As part of the programme, the Digital Transport and Logistics initiative was launched by the Russian Federation’s Ministry of Transportation, which united all the government-owned transport companies.

The Association of Digital Transport and Logistics was therefore created to establish and develop a unified digital transport space on the basis of domestic technological solutions and software. One of the co-founders was Russian Railways.

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