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Russia to Legalise the Cannibalisation of the Fleet of Foreign Aircraft

At the request of the local Association of Air Transport Operators (AEPT), the Russian Ministry of Transport will develop amendments to local legislation that will allow Russian airlines to transfer aircraft components from one aircraft to another.

AEVT points out that the Federal Aviation Regulations (FARs) restrict the replacement of aircraft components, in particular, they do not provide for the removal of a serviceable component from one aircraft and its subsequent installation on another aircraft. However, the head of the AEPT points out that the current rules “do not provide an opportunity to flexibly manage the health of the aircraft fleet.”

In the letter, AEPT also offered to allow repositioning of components between aircraft of different airlines.

According to Rosaviatsia, the serviceability of the Russian fleet of foreign aircraft is 87%, and that of Russian aircraft is 51%. At the same time, both vessels under repair and those for which spare parts cannot be found are considered defective. In the fleets of some carriers, there are still old Soviet aircraft that have not flown for a long time, but have not yet been decommissioned (An-2, An-24, Tu-154 and others).

Russian airlines, including Aeroflot, have begun dismantling planes to provide other airliners with spare parts that they can no longer buy abroad due to sanctions.

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